Love To Dream Swaddle Up Review

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Love to Dream is an Australian owned brand that is loved by parents and babies because their products allow babies to sleep how they want, safely and comfortably.

Sleeping Arms Up VS Sleeping Arms In

Every baby is different and has their own personal preferences with how they like to sleep. My first baby was the classic newborn and liked to be swaddled tightly, hands and arms tucked in tight and pinned to his chest. Easy. Done.

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And then along came my second baby who challenged everything I knew about how to get a baby to sleep. She HATED being swaddled with her arms down, after a week of trying to find different ways to swaddle her I had to give it up. 

This shouldn’t be a surprise, she was literally born with one arm up. (And I mean… literally.)

But then with her arms free she would of course she’d startle herself awake, smack herself in face, scratch herself etc. 

I did not know about Love To Dream at the time, but as soon as I heard about it I wished I had been able to have them for her, because it’s exactly what I needed for her. 

It would have given her the freedom to sleep like an angel. (Or like a snow angel. Arms and legs spread and flapping around.) 

Easy Night Nappy Changed

Another great feature of the Love to Dream Swaddle Up is the two way zipper, meaning you can do sneaky middle-of-the-night nappy changes without having to fully undress them. Because their arms are completely covered by the Love to Dream Swaddle Up you can choose a TOG rating that is going to suit the overnight temperature of the baby’s room, then dress them lightly so all you have to do is unzip the bottom and you have direct access to baby’s nappy. 

No need to try to do up a dozen press studs in the dark. 

Love to Dream Swaddle Up comes in a range of beautiful colours and styles, as well as absolutely gorgeously soft materials, including an incredibly soft bamboo option. Also, as I mentioned, a range of TOG ratings from super light summer weight 0.2 TOG all the way to extra warm winter weight 3.5 TOG.

Transitioning Time

TRANSITION BAG Original 1.0 TOG Grey BABY 1 46252.1559794108

One last benefit of the Love to Dream range is they also have you covered for the transition out of the Swaddle Up. Which was one challenge I did face when transitioning my first baby out of the traditional tight swaddle, while there are some tricks for wrapping with one arm out, I found in the end the only way to get him out of a swaddle was to go cold turkey – which was pretty rough. He’d always fallen asleep one way and then suddenly it was gone. 

Whereas with Love to Dream when Baby starts to outgrow “Stage 1 Swaddle Up” bags, you move on to “Stage 2: Transition Bag”. Which starts off like a Swaddle Up, so it’ll feel familiar to Baby then you can remove the “sleeve” one side at a time to gently transition Baby from arms in, to arms out. 

It’s important to start this transition before Baby starts to roll. Which is different for every baby, so the Transitional Bags come in a range of sizes, from Medium (6-8.5kgs) to X-Large (11-14kgs). So no matter when your baby starts to get mobile Love to Dream have you covered. 

Loved By Parents

So many parents love and recommend Love to Dream. I used to work in a baby retailer and often sleep deprived parents would come in asking for a swaddle their friends had told them they NEEDED to buy but couldn’t remember what the name of the brand was.

It was always Love to Dream that they were looking for and all I’d have to do is put my arms up like wings and they’d go “YES! THAT ONE!” 

Also don’t just take my word for it. Read the product reviews from parents. Everywhere you look for product reviews parents absolutely love this product.

Rachel Stewart

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