Masking Tape Car Track

All you need for this Making Tape Car Track is some wide masking tape (I used 20 meters of it, it does go surprisingly fast!), a flat space on carpet or floorboards and a marker if you want to draw lines on the “road” for effect.

I’ve added wooden blocks, trains, cars, some small figures and a few small buildings for this role playing activity. The great thing about making a masking tape car track is that the kids can crawl all over their road map and unlike a solid car or train track they’re much less likely to mess it up as they move across it so this worked especially well as an activity that both my 2 and 5 year old could enjoy together.

Try to make the roads different lengths, angles, add in a round about or complicated intersections rather than just a grid of roads (though that would be fine too). If you wanted to be more creative – and had more tape to use – you could extend the track around the house, down the hallway, up benches and so on.

Alternatively you could create a maze for the cars to find there way in or out of to make the car track even more interesting.

Here’s our masking tape car track:



This activity is so quick and easy to pack away and should come off the carpet cleanly. The only challenge we had with this activity was trying to stop Miss 2 year old from ripping it all off the carpet as soon as she was “done” with it. Though the kids did also have some fun pulling it up afterwards and relocating the tape around the house – especially between pieces of furniture to form bridges. I didn’t discourage them as they were having a lot of fun, though I had hoped it would stay on the floor for more than a few hours!










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