Moby Wrap Review – Sweet, Simple, Affordable Babywearing

A Moby Wrap is a simple, sweet, affordable and convenient way to carry your baby.

Why Choose A Moby Wrap

All stretchy wraps are more or less the same and work pretty much the same way. They’re all 5(ish) meters of stretchy knit fabric that has been weight tested so you know it’ll be safe and supportive for carrying a baby. 

So when all stretchy wraps do the same thing, how do you choose one over the other?

  • Style and Colour – Given you’re going to be wearing a stretchy wrap like a t-shirt, choose the colour, style and pattern you like the look of. 
  • Material Composition – You might be looking for a particular fabric type, for example the Moby Classic Wrap is 100% cotton. 
  • Fabric Feel – You might prefer how a particular wrap feels, like the super soft and light Moby Evolution wrap. 
  • Budget – When all stretchy wraps are pretty much the same, it makes sense to choose the one that is most affordable. 
  • Availability – Moby Wraps are sold in most baby retailers so can be easily found in stores across Australia or available online.  

Which Moby Wrap Is For You

moby wrap dad babywearing

As I mentioned above the Moby Classic wrap is made from 100% cotton and has been weight tested to carry up to 15kgs. It is a warmer, thicker material and feels quite substantial and supportive when wearing it. 

Moby Evolution is a super soft and lightweight viscose and cotton blend fabric. Despite the lighter weight fabric it is still very supportive and also has a weight capacity of 15kgs. Though you do pay a little more for this more premium fabric. 

So the Moby Classic Wrap is ideal for cooler weather and more budget conscious parents, whereas the Moby Evolution Wrap is better for summer and is a little bit more luxurious feeling. 

If you’re undecided between these two fabric options the best thing would be to get your hands on them and have a feel, as it really does come down to personal preference. 

Why Use A Stretchy Wrap

moby wrap walking

I personally love using a stretchy wrap for new babies, but I get that they can be a little daunting at first. They really are essentially 5 meters – 5.5 meters of stretchy knit fabric that you’re supposed to wrap and tie around your body into something that will safely carry your baby. 

But I promise it’s not nearly as complicated as it looks. 

And the result is a very soft, squishy, sweet and supportive carrier that is perfect for carrying a little baby. 

Though I have definitely noticed in the years I’ve spent teaching people how to use different types of baby carriers that stretchy wraps are something that people connect to, there’s something quite emotional and special about a stretchy wrap that doesn’t seem to happen with a buckle carrier. That moment when a pregnant parent puts a doll into a stretchy wrap for the first time and goes – Yes, this is how I want to carry my baby. 

However, there are some practical benefits even if you don’t have that emotional connection with the product!

Benefits of a Stretchy Wrap

moby wrap sitting down
  • Compact and convenient. They squish up into a ball that can be thrown in a nappy bag or under a pram just in case you need a carrier while you’re out.
  • Easy to wash and care for.  It’s just a piece of fabric – there’s nothing to get damaged or broken. Just throw it in the washing machine (after reading the washing/drying instructions).
  • Affordable and accessible. As I’ve said a few times, Moby wraps are an inexpensive newborn carrier compared to not just other types of wraps, but other types of baby carriers.
  • Comfortable. My favourite thing about a stretchy wrap for new babies (and new parents!) is the fact you can comfortably sit down while wearing a stretchy wrap, which isn’t so easily done in most structured carriers.
  • Versatile. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used a wrap for something other than carrying a baby. It’s an emergency blanket, or towel, you can lay it down as a change mat, or an impromptu picnic blanket. Then because they’re easy to wash and dry you’ll have it back to functioning as a baby carrier in no time!

How To Tie A Stretchy Wrap

Watch my video below to see how to put on a stretchy wrap. My key tips are:

  • Watch a few different videos – because someone might show it differently to me. 
  • Practice before you pick up the baby – you can tie and untie it as many times as you want to get it perfect before trying to put the baby in it. 
  • Pick up the baby for a cuddle first – calm, relax, centre yourself and baby before proceeding.
  • Stretch the fabric out over baby – don’t try to just shove baby into the fabric. 
  • It’s not that complicated – you cross the straps at the back, cross them at the front, tie it off – THAT’S IT!

Safety Tips

ticks rule safe babywearing

Babywearing is safe when done correctly and when simple safety steps are followed with any answer.

Moby’s slogan is very sweet – “Close enough to kiss” – which is one of the key safety checks for babywearing in ANY carrier. You always want to ensure that the baby is close enough, high and tight enough, that you can kiss their head. 

I also like the shorthand version of the TICKS checklist which is “Visible and Kissable” as in, you can kiss Baby and also see their face, so you know their airways are open and clear. 

Though you should also familiarise yourself with TICKS checklist, just so you know what you’re looking for safely wearing any baby carrier. 


Rachel Stewart

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