Mother Drowns Her Two Sons (Reponse)

Mother Drowns Her Two Sons

On Facebook this morning, I came across a friends post about a case currently in the media where a woman with severe mental health issues drowned her two young sons, and I wanted to discuss depression and what should happen to someone who did this to their own children. Click here for the link.

The woman has no recollection of killing her boys, nor does she have memory of attempting suicide afterwards. There was a very long history of mental health issues for this woman, numerous suicide attempts over the years… But I can’t help thing that the international mental health system has failed her, and failed her two innocent, beautiful children.

Quiet a few comments said things along the lines of…. “I wish we had the death penalty” & “Tie a cement block to her shoes, and drop her on the reef.”

I don’t know if it’s my personality where I feel the need to defend the underdog, but I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness for this woman.
Yes, she killed her two young boys, there is no denying it, but how can someone wish death on someone who had no idea what they were doing, on someone who has suffered for years?

I just can’t compare this woman to a cold blooded killer… I just don’t put her in the same category as Jill Meagher’s murderer, Adrian Bayley, or Sarah Cafferkey’s murderer, Steven Hunter. They deserve death penalty. They deserve to be thrown off the reef for what they did, in COLD blood, and FULL knowledge.

In my younger years, I have suffered what I think of as mild depression. I don’t go around freely announcing to the world how I felt or what I went through, but it’s real. It’s a cave of nothingness, and I guess because I have been in that place I can feel a degree of empathy for this woman who was so out of her mind, she killed the two people she should have been striving to live for.

Do I think she should be punished and put in jail until she dies? …. No. I’m sure she is punishing her self every single day. That’s obvious by the 3, yes THREE attempts she has mad on her life since finding out she drowned her own sons, not including the attempt made shortly after killing them, which she does not recall.

Do I think she should be a free woman? ……. Well no. She needs help. Real help. Perhaps she should have been institutionalized long before things got to this point. But there is no sense in thinking about what if’s and should haves… But imprisoning her without proper professional help feels like absolute cruelty to someone who was quiet literally, out of her mind and suffered for years and years.

I wish more people understood that its not as easy as waking up one day and thinking “Oh, I think I’m depressed, I should reach out and seek help”… It just doesn’t work like that.

But most of all, I wish this woman did have help, I wish those boys were still alive.
That’s all for this time.

CupCakeMaker. xoxo.


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Cup Cake Maker

Lauren is a stay at home mum to her beautiful daughter born in 2012, Leila. She am also the owner and creator styling little babes at my very own small sewing business, Ooh La Leila.She certainly leads a very busy life, but also enjoy some peaceful reflection whenever she can.


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