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Paper Easter Bunny Ears

These bunny ears are quick and easy. Perfect for last minute Easter Hat parades!

You will need:
– 3 sheets of A4 sized paper. (2 sheets of white for the head band and 1 yellow for the ears.)
– Scissors
– Sticky Tape
Tape two ends together to make a long paper strip.
Tape two ends together to make a long paper strip.
Wrap it around your child’s head to measure for size, mark, and then tape it into a loop the correct size, making sure it wont be too tight to get off and on easily
Fold the third piece of paper in 4 from the shorter ends and draw a curve line to make half a bunny ear shape
Cut along line – and open out both ears.
Tape ears to the inside of the headband and there you go! Very simple Easter Bunny Ears!

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