Please Don’t Boycott The Postal Plebiscite

Don’t Boycott The Postal Plebiscite
Even If It’s Total BS


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There’s been a few whispers floating around on social media suggesting that we should boycott the possible upcoming postal plebiscite on marriage equality.

We all know this whole process is utter crap and won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. 

It’s non-binding, non-compulsory, will cost lots of money, and even if the result comes back with a majority in favour of same sex marriage you can bet your bottom dollar (or even a hundred and twenty million dollars) that they still plan to delay it, deny it, and basically continue to mess around.

Even if the Australian public says loud and clear that same sex marriage is something that we want and agree with, that doesn’t mean that they will immediately make it happen.

So, I get the temptation to not participate in the process. I get why people feel like it’s a total waste of time to respond “yes” in favour of marriage equality. Especially when we we’re pretty sure that the only result that will be honoured is a “no”.

Now is not the time to be silent.

We don’t have to agree with the process, but unfortunately we have to play the game by their rules. If for no other reason than to make them extremely uncomfortable as they continue to refuse to do the right thing. Let them know that we despise what they are doing. We need to be clear that the majority of Australians believe in equality.

And also don’t put glitter in the envelope with your response. Don’t do anything that could mean your “yes” would not be counted. 

But feel free to glitter bomb your local member of parliament. Or anyone else you feel needs a little more sparkle in their lives.

So make sure you’re enrolled to vote, that your details are up to date, that your address is correct. Make sure that if it comes to a postal plebiscite that you are ready to respond in favour of marriage equality.

That is the best way to send a clear message about what the Australian people want and deserve.


Also. Please enjoy this cheerful little song by Tim Minchin. (Language warning)


Rachel Stewart

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