Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for Pregnancy
Preparing for Pregnancy

Food. Do you eat healthy food? Because you got to know, if you don’t, it’s a habit you may want to try to break now rather than once you’re always tired and craving quick-fix energy foods, like sugar. Also might be helpful strengthening your willpower because the list of food you are recommend not to eat when you are pregnant are long.

Fitness. It’s recommended that while you can continue your exercise regimes from before you were pregnant once you become pregnant (adjusted to how you are feeling), you shouldn’t start a new exercise regime or increase your exercise during pregnancy – so if you’re not pregnant, now is the time to start. More on fitness HERE.

Teeth. I cannot stress this enough. Get your teeth checked and fixed before you try. Because once you do fall pregnant, your teeth do deteriorate faster, and there’s restrictions on what dental work you can have done while you are pregnant.

Blood. It’s a good idea to have blood tests prior to falling pregnant – find out about your hormone levels, detect conditions like Poly-cystic ovaries or diabetes, or anything else you may need to be aware of for your upcoming pregnancy.

Immunisation Boosters. You may have been vaccinated as a child, but when was your last booster? Talk to your doctor about what vaccinations you might want to consider prior to conceiving.

Blood pressure. Do you or any of your family have a history of blood pressure? You need to know because you have higher chances of getting Pre-eclampsia and Toxemia during pregnancy and may need to know ways on how to handle it.

Healthy Weight. If being overweight wasn’t hard enough, being pregnant is a new type of “hell”  (honest speaking). Depending on your weight, it really narrows down the options on which hospital and obstetrician will take you. It’s a sad truth. But know there are some very understanding professionals out there. Talk to your doctor about what you can be doing to get healthy today.

Private Heath Insurance. Do you want to go to a Private Hospital? Check that your Private Health Insurance covers pregnancy and birth, because the waiting period on most policies means you would need to have included it in your policy prior to falling pregnant.


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