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Lace Trim Nursing Bra Review 

lace trim nursing bra

I’ve been breastfeeding now for over 5 years, so I’ve had my fair share of maternity bras!

The “Lace trim nursing bra” from Maternity Sale ticks a couple of big boxes for me – nice wide back and shoulder straps, which is a very important feature for me as I have a bigger bust. I’m also always a little bit wary of bras without an underwire or padding because they often don’t deliver the support I’m looking for, and this bra is very supportive, I don’t feel like I have any jiggle or drag. The lace edge at the top does come up quite high which makes it a great every-day t-shirt bra, because there is no way even with bending over multiple times a day running after a toddler that I’m going to pop out over the top.

Cross-over Nursing Sleep Bra Review

lace trim nursing bra

Over the past week, I have been wearing the cross-over nursing sleep bra to bed. At 37weeks pregnant, and a size 16DD, I was interested to see how it felt to wear something all night.

To begin with the material is soft, flexible and supportive. As a ‘crop top’ style bra it has no clips and is as simple as pulling over your head. There was found to be no ‘scratchy’ seams or edges which is a big pro in my books.