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Reading to Children

I am the first to admit that I think reading is boring. Especially children’s books. Especially when my kids often want the same books read night after night. The only time that I read is when I want information, so I am interested about the topic and require an answer. I only read if I have to.

So, the other day when a friend who’s a father asked me do I read to my children and I said no, the look on his face, made me think What am I missing out on? He told me that he reads to his children regularly. So I thought to myself I need a strategy. Me and my good friend Google started to search this topic.

My wife suggested I look up Mem Fox and I found these “Ten Red-aloud Commandments” which are really helpful for beginners to reading to children, like myself.

I also I found the best way is to surround your child with books and encourage him/her to read. Read books, magazines, newspapers, recipes, shopping lists, directions, timetables, interesting information on the internet together, everything you get your hands on, read it together.

The below You Tube clip helped me, because it’s straight to the point and has good message.

Hope my experience has helped you. Regards, Famous.





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Famous is a dad of 2, (boy & girl) and he is Rachel Stewart's other half.He's a fun and funny dad, the king of "dad jokes" and has his family laughing whenever he's home.His favorite part of parenting is the funny things kids say and do.

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