Reason’s my Toddler wants to Breastfeed

Reason’s my Toddler wants to Breastfeed

There are so many reasons my toddler wants to breastfeed, considering breastfeeding is like a favourite snack, a cuddle with Mumma and the comfort of sucking all rolled into one, so it’s no wonder that my toddler wants to feed often, but yesterday walking home from dropping her big brother off at school she lifted up her arm to show me the scratch on her elbow from the previous day, she held onto her scratch and told me “ow, ow, ow” emphasised with a little pout and sadness in her eyes – then she tapped my chest and brightly asked “boo boo?”

Come on small person, you think I don’t know what you’re doing?

With both my tots I’ve breastfed on demand until 2 years and my youngest is taking that “on-demand” very seriously. She’s 23 months, so her time of limitless feeding is coming to an end and as I’ve started to reduce her frequency of feeding – with the aim to get down to just one feed in the morning and at night, I’m noticing my Little Miss will take any excuse she can to “demand” a feed.

They include (but are not limited to)

reasons my toddler is feeding3 She’s cranky.

She’s hurt herself.

She’s sleepy.

Got caught doing something naughty.

Doesn’t want to be in the car anymore

I’ve just sat down.

reasons my toddler is feeding2 I look busy.

Just saw the neighbour’s cat and it gave her a fright.

Another baby is having a feed so she needs a feed.

I’ve held another baby and she wants to make it clear that I’m hers.

Overheard me telling someone that she’s been feeding all the time.

reasons my toddler is feeding Overheard me telling someone that she hasn’t been feeding all the time.

Rolled over in her sleep and woke herself up.

Got bored on a bus.

Got bored in a waiting room.

Got told off by Daddy.

1381729497774We have visitors and she’s feeling shy.

We have visitors and she’s feeling left out.

She has a yucky taste in her mouth because she ate dirt and she need to wash it out.

She’s watching her favourite TV show and she’s a little thirsty, but doesn’t want to look away.

Saw me changing my top.

reasons my toddler is feeding6 She just wants to cuddle booby.

She’s constipated and her bottom hurts.

She’s just woken up and aren’t not ready to get up yet.

She’s going through a growth spurt.

I’ve been away (or in the other room, like the shower) and she’s missed me.

It’s too hot.

reasons my toddler is feeding5 It’s too cold.

In a carrier so boobs are RIGHT THERE.

I’m not paying her enough attention.

She’s hungry.

She’s thirsty.



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