Relationship and Sex

The birth of your first child will be a turning point in your relationship. Every relationship is different and so will be your experiences. While for some dads-to-be it will be an easy shift into fatherhood/parenthood, for others it may create some challenges.

Before kids.

Your relationship with your partner might change after she becomes pregnant, she will experience physical, hormonal and emotional changes.

How I’ve handled these changes and dealt with having a more emotional partner during pregnancy was being patient & understanding (It went a long way). I talked to her and worked through any stresses she might be feeling about the pregnancy and becoming a mother for the 1st time and 2nd time and that gave me a chance to express my self as the conversations got going.

Talking with your partner about what she is comfortable with is important. You can enjoy sex during pregnancy as long as the pregnancy is considered low risk. (Speak to your health professional; don’t feel embarrassed, they’re used to these questions.) As with any other aspect of pregnancy, it’s important for you and your partner to speak openly about what feels right for each of you.

Of course, just because sex is safe during pregnancy doesn’t mean you and your partner will want to have it. You will find hers and your sex drive may vary during the different stages – some women have a higher sex drive during pregnancy than they do otherwise.

Be mindful if you don’t feel comfortable having sex during pregnancy to talk about those feelings too with her, so she doesn’t interpret your lack of sex drive as a lack of love and affection (remember – she may be a bit more emotional during pregnancy, so be sensitive to her self esteem and body image as her body changes)

Once baby arrives sex will probably be the last thing on her mind. Depending on how your baby was born your partner may not be able to have sex for 6 weeks. While sex may not be on the agenda straight away, don’t forget to show your love and affection to her during this time. Remember her body has gone through big changes, (giving birth to your child) and will need time to re-adjust. Her breasts might be full of milk for the baby, so finding fun-ways (locations, positions) that are comfortable will be a challenge (game) for both of you.

Just remember this might feel like a long time without much sex, affection or attention, but pregnancy doesn’t last forever and babies don’t stay little long. Keep communication open and you’ll get through together.


Famous is a dad of 2, (boy & girl) and he is Rachel Stewart's other half. He's a fun and funny dad, the king of "dad jokes" and has his family laughing whenever he's home. His favorite part of parenting is the funny things kids say and do.


  1. Interesting read from a dad point of view, we are currently pregnant (due early Sept) I have sent this to my husband to read this.

    Thank you Famousdad

  2. Congratulations on bub, best wishes on pregnancy.

    I am happy you found my article interesting, If you or your husband have anymore questions, feel free to ask me here or drop me a PM.

    Thanks Kate – FD

  3. So true FD.

    I was and am very lucky that my hubby throught the same way. Our bub is turning 1 tomorrow and there are still days and nights where we are so tired that a quick kiss is all we have before falling asleep.

    Its great to be supportive to each other as it makes the hard days/nights easier and the good times great.


  4. Happy Birthday for bub tomorrow.

    Thank-you for your comment, I’m glad that you can relate to my article.

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