Royal Baby Watching

Diana, Princess of Wales with Princes William and Harry in 1985.

Royal Baby Watching

After reading about the history of breasting in the British monarchy I started to wonder how much choice and freedom will Kate and Will have to decide how they parent their own baby. What strikes me as being really sad about the history of royal babies is they’re no different to my own babies. They want no less love, no less snuggles, no less time, they’ll have times of teething where they might want to feed all day, or unsettled nights where they’d  sleep better in the arms of their mother. I wonder if they’ll be “allowed” to cosleep – if they chose to. Or “wear” their baby. I’m not saying I think they should, but my heart hurts a little at the thought of not being able to choose how to comfort my baby. I think about all the unwarranted advice, pressure and unrealistic expectations I’ve received, quietly raising my own babies, and I just can’t imagine how much they’ll receive.

Though part of me does hope Kate Middleton breastfeeds – and does so openly – perhaps not publicly, but makes it known that she is – because she is a very well respected and adored public figure and considering things like this poem “Embarrassed” also recently coming from the UK I would imagine if she does breastfeed then maybe breastfeeding in the UK – and beyond – wouldn’t be seen with as much disgust.

I also feel that I shouldn’t even be speculating about the choices this mother might make. There is so much pressure on her to perform, there’s already a media crew camped out in front of the hospital she’s due to give birth at and as far as anyone knows she’s not even in labour. I cringe at the thought of just having relatives in the waiting room, let alone the whole world. People are placing bets on everything surrounding the birth of the new heir to the British throne. Birthing and parenting is not a spectator sport! She’s just like any other new mum, about to have her first baby and I wish her all the best.

I just hope though they are given space to choose their own path through parenting.

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Rachel Stewart

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  1. Oh, I’ve been thinking about this too! I actually feel sorry for her in some ways, ok, not that she’s part of the royal family, but.. to any mother, no matter who they are, they still have a lot to experience and a lot of emotions. I have a good feeling though that she’ll be boobing, for sure. Some of the royals have done it, despite the opposition!

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