Satellite Cafe Nurse In – No Apology

20130226_124746Satellite Cafe Nurse In – No Apology

The turn out was great, a lot of mums, dads, beautiful babies and toddlers, members of the community and media came out to Satellite Cafe this morning to show their support to Reagan Matthews who was discriminated against by the owner of this Cafe for breastfeeding her baby. After the owner had offered to apologise to Reagan in person she failed to turn up to her own Cafe today, her staff explaining that she feared for her safety.

The staff who were present were friendly and supportive, handing out bottles of water to breastfeeding mums. It’s just a shame that the owner herself couldn’t have faced up to what she had said and done.

There were members of the community showing their support for the owner of the Satellite Cafe, one man saying that she was defending his right not to have to see that (breastfeeding) and another woman comparing breastfeeding with exposing a penis.


What I find most baffling about this situation and any like it is that it seems so obvious that babies are breast fed for food. It’s not even a choice mothers make, we feed our babies because they need to be fed to survive, it’s one of their most basic requirements, that some people seem to still struggle with this simple fact amazes me.

However, while it was disappointing that the owner did not make her apology, it was reassuring to see how much support there is for breastfeeding mothers and their babies.

If you experience any discrimination for breastfeeding please write to us and let us know and we would love to do all we can to bring this issue to light.

Part 1 Nurse In – “Satellite Cafe”

Rachel Stewart

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