Sensible health kick

Sensible Health Kick

This isn’t JUST due to a holiday-overload of junk and wine, or a New-Years Resolution, more that while we’ve spent the last 3 months in the process of moving to Melbourne, I’ve done a lot of comfort eating, a lot of unplanned meals resulting in take away and unhealthy easier options, eating way too much packaged, processed, sugar-loaded snacks on the go and fast food, while looking for our new home. I’m a little ashamed to say that this has also meant our children have had a less-than-ideal diet the last 3 months and so we’re very motivated to set that up right again with good meal planning. The other motivator, other than my brand new bouncing food baby belly, is I’m feeling it in my body. The lack of good foods and regular exercise has taken more of a toll on my energy levels, sleep at night, general motivation than it has on how my clothes fit.

So my “plan” is to eat MORE. More good things, because if I fill my body with good food then I won’t be hungry, or feel deprived.

Things to eat more of:

Fruit. We went to a local wholesale fresh produce market and loaded up on an amazing selection of fruits to make eating more fruit more interesting.

Vegetables. Stir fries, salads with loads of different vegetables added, lightly steamed fresh vegetables, grated veggies “hidden” in pasta sauce.

Lean meats. We’ve just moved into our area so we still haven’t found a butcher we love, but when we do that’ll make ticking this box a little easier (read: cheaper)

health kick
Tastes better than it looks!

Fruit smoothies. This has been the highlight for me so far, I’m loving every morning coming up with a new recipe, including mainly ice, water, a selection of sweet fruits (banana, berries, watermelon, mango, peach, soft pears etc) throw in some extras like spinach, celery, broccoli etc that’ll be masked by the sweetness in the fruit. Today I got brave and added a little fresh ginger.

Oat/muesli cereal. Homemade raw muesli with oats with, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, with a little vanilla and cinnamon.

More browns – less whites. Opting for brown rice, multi-grain breads, wholemeal flour etc

Dried Fruit. In place of lollies, the fibre in dried fruits like dates prevent over-doing the sugar hit compared to a packet of lollies.

Dark chocolate. To keep chocolate cravings at bay with a healthy hit of antioxidants and less sugar.

Healthy desserts. Like fruit/apple crumbles.  or chia seed pudding 

Low-calorie snacks. Air-popped popcorn, berries, seaweed, handful of nuts, unsweetened yoghurt, carrot sticks.

Filling foods. Chia Seeds (I’m in love with chia seed pudding in the evenings when I’m wanting a sweet desert) Flax seeds, Oats, Apples – pretty much anything wholegrain and/or full of fibre.

Healthy fats. I’m not going to go all the way to aLCHF diet, as I plan to include a lot of fruit in my diet, I have a little trouble believing that bacon is better for weight-loss than a banana, but I’m avoiding “low-fat” and “no-fat” options as often reduced fat in products means more sugar.

Homemade Chutney!
Homemade Chutney!

Food from scratch. I’m going to try to reduce the amount of processed and packaged foods in our diets, so I can control the additives and sugars in our diet. TRY being the operative word. Though I think I might start campaigning to for a Thermomix for my birthday to make this more doable.

Some more tips:

health kick 21. Have a menu plan, if you’re not going to be home at a meal time plan ahead and take your lunch/snacks with you to avoid buying take away while out.

2. Grocery shop with a list. (and not while hungry)

3. Buy food from shops that will encourage you to buy good foods (such as fresh food markets, rather than supermarkets, where you’re more likely to buy junk food on impulse)

4. Keep a diary to record what you’ve eaten during the day to bring to your attention what you might need to be eating more or less of.

5. Have a clear reason or motivation for why you need to stay on track. Set yourself some health goals, not necessarily “lose X kilos”, but something you want to achieve. What’s your carrot to dangle – or eat…

Please comment below anything you plan to be eating MORE of this year, any recipes, links, ideas or smoothies for me to try out!

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