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These days there is no such thing as a typical family structure. Usually as a result of divorce, separation or simple circumstance many families fall outside of the standard one mum and one dad scenario. Our family is one of those.

I am a 43yo dad with an 11yo daughter… I recently got re-married to a woman who already had 2 boys (7 and 9). Our ex’s are also both re-married.  Long story short… we now had 3 sets of parents who all shared responsibility for ‘our’ kids. My daughter was with me week-on, week-off… while the boys went to their dad on different nights of the week and every other weekend… and even though we had a plan… due to circumstances beyond our control, that plan would often need to be revised.

What we found was… when it came to managing the kids each day, week, month or even year… keeping our respective timetables aligned and up-to-date while also keeping everyone informed of all the things they needed to know was, at times… a not so easy task.

Our concept is a simple one. SharedCare™… is all about getting everyone on the same page when it comes to caring, or ‘sharing care’ of the kids.

Who will the kids be with on August the 2nd? What time does Tommy’s footy game start? What are the details for the party James is invited to on Saturday? Remind Inika to take her goggles to school for swimming on Monday. Keeping track of these things benefits us as responsible parents as it means never letting our kids down or leaving them disappointed… it’s all about helping us to help them the best way we can.

SharedCare™ ( …is a FREE web and mobile application that helps you do exactly that. The app allows you to ‘block out’ dates to keep track of who the kids are with and when, add calendar events and details, post reminder messages and receive notifications when new items, message posts or blocked dates are added.

You can signup as an individual or a couple… you can even add a grandparent, friend or carer… the choice is yours. Each ‘user’ is given a unique colour-code so you can easily see which events, posts and blocked dates are yours… and every message post conveniently has a time and date stamp.

All information is kept secure and confidential and apart from the users in your group, no-one else can see your information… and it works!

Visit either via the web or using the browser on your mobile phone and discover the benefits of getting everyone on the same page.

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