Sitting with Jolly Santa

With Christmas coming up, I enjoy taking my boys to go see Santa every year. It’s something I think I did once when I was kid, and I really wish we did it more. I loved talking to him, and I loved the keepsake of the photo.

There are lots of different Santa’s out there, pale ones, sunburnt ones, ones with alot of make up to have those awesome rosey cheeks Santa is meant to have. The one with the pillow tummy. And some are just amazing looking. I take the boys to go to the same Santa every year at a local shopping center, he has been the same guy almost every year.  Every year I try and get the kids to wear something Christmassy but this year I honestly couldn’t be bothered. I dressed the boys in something casual, and we went.

MIMIMI 03dec13.2jpg In the past I have had problems getting my eldest, Keiran, to sit with the jolly fat man. Except of course, his first Santa sit, where he was oblivious to who it was that held him.  The following year, he cracked it big time, didn’t want a bar of him, so there was no photo that year. The next year, I was heavily pregnant. My son didn’t want to sit on Santa’s knee, but wasn’t distressed by him, so  I squeezed on Santa’s chair with him and held my son on my knee, the photographer cut me out as asked and it looked like my son was sitting nicely on Santa’s knee and he was gorgeous. Last year was a better year, my eldest son still wanted me to sit with him, so I was in the photo last year while my little baby boy Davin got his first time with Santa and no tears, he sat there oblivious and happy.
This year I was expecting Davin to completely lose it, and not want anything to do with Santa. I expecting to be in the photo with my eldest on my knee again. I dragged my husband along so there would be one boy on each parents knee with Santa sitting in the middle. They were a little unsure while we lined up waiting, Keiren didn’t want to stand there, and he certainly didn’t want to go up on the stage where Santa was set up, but then he surprised me, he sat on Santa’s knee and had a jolly chat. Davin didn’t even cry, but he was wriggly… oh so wriggly. But when it was photo time, he was distracted enough to stop wiggling for just a few moments to capture a good family photo and we had a lovely photo this year! And Keiren was happy, he high fived Santa and said goodbye.
Not many people seem to realise, until kids get the concept of what is going on, kids are pretty scared of Santa. The kid that got on Santa’s knee after us this year, screamed blue murder!
MIMIMI 03dec13
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Mimmi is a mother of 2 handsome boys, Keiran (2009) and Davin. (2012) She is a full time stay at home mum, taking care of my boys; her eldest with autism and both of them with developmental delays. She is a huge video game player, and loves to eat large amounts of curry.

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