Smash Sparkly Satchel Bag Review

If you didn’t catch it on Instagram I am absolutely in love with this insulated Smash sparkly satchel bag. In. Love. It has everything wonderful all rolled into one. It’s pink. It’s pretty. It has sparkles! It’s amazing. I’m SO glad my shameless begging paid off and Smash very generously sent me one to review. (Though I could have bought one for myself… but where is the fun in that!)

Using It As a Handbag

Full disclosure – I haven’t been using it as a lunch bag… It’s been my everyday handbag for the last month. Funnily enough I’ve been getting more compliments on this bag than any handbag I’ve ever owned. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever been complimented on a handbag before. But I’ve been asked several times where to buy it because it seems I’m not the only person who’s smitten with the sparkles. (You can get them from Target for $15)

I love it so much I even bought myself some sparkly pink shoes to go with it!

fashion rules

Using It As a Lunch Satchel

However for the sake of this review I have unpacked all my bits and pieces from the bag (My phone, wallet, note pad, keys etc.) so I can test it out as intended; as a lunch satchel!

Smash sparkly satchel bag


It’s a good sized satchel. I was able to fit quite a few Nude Food Mover containers, as well as a banana, into the satchel easily. It didn’t quite fit a Nude Food Mover Envirobox, but it should fit most standard lunch boxes!

Not Just For Kids

Now it does have a little spot on the back of the Smash sparkly satchel bag that my child so generously pointed out for writing in your kid’s “name” and “class”. But if you want to use this as your own bag – go right ahead! There’s no rule that adults can’t have a sparkly pink, purple and aqua lunch bag for work. Just pop a “y” on the end of “class” and you’re good to go!

Also – just quietly (and OBVIOUSLY not for “back to school”) but it does pretty much fit a bottle of wine…. Just saying….

smash cool bag satchel


The only tiny thing I would change with the Smash sparkly satchel bag is I’d love an extra pocket on it. Not just for using it as a hand bag, but having somewhere to secure small items is always handy in a lunch satchel (ie coins for spending at the canteen). I know some of the other Smash cool bags and satchels do have pockets, so if pockets are important to you – and you’re willing to sacrifice sparkles – then they might be worth looking at as an alternative.

But otherwise it is a really awesome bag and I’m just grateful (and a little shocked) that my daughter hasn’t tried to steal it off me. Yet!

Rachel Stewart

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