Super Simple Sewn Skirt

I timed myself – including setting up and threading the machine, and a little bit of a toddler wrangling – this skirt took under 20 minutes from start to finish.

So, lets get right to it!

You will need:

  • Fabric
  • Wide Elastic
  • Scissors
  • A pin
  • Sewing machine and thread… obviously…

Okay, get the timer… ready… set… GO!

Step 1.

Measure the wearers waist, don’t worry about using a tape measure, just wrap the elastic around their waist and pop your pin into the elastic as a marker.

Step 2. 

Using the elastic to measure, cut a rectangle of fabric twice the length of the wearers waist by how long you want the skirt to be + 5cms.

Step 3. 

Hem the bottom edge of the fabric, fold over twice so the cut edge is concealed – folding as you feed it through the machine (or if you want to be diligent you can fold, iron and pin it – but that’s up to you.)


Step 4.

Fold the upper edge over by 1cm and sew it folded with a wide basting stitch.


Step 5.

Fold the upper edge down far enough that the elastic will be able to thread through once sewn and sew it securely. If you want to you can unpick the basting stitch, but it wont be seen from the outside, so feel free to just leave it.


Step 6. 

Thread the elastic through. When you get to the marker pin, carefully remove the pin while holding it in place and then push it through all layers of fabric and both ends of the elastic. At this stage it’s a good idea to just try the skirt on the wearer to be 100% sure it’s the right size, before cutting the elastic.


Step 7.

Ensuring the skirt is inside out first, sew the two sides of the skirt together.


Step 8. 

Go over the elastic a few times so it’s definitely not going to pull through.


Step 9. 

Trim all the threads off and you are DONE! Stop the clock!




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Rachel Stewart

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