Surprise! It’s a Baby!

astonished pregnant woman in gray suit

Surprise! It’s a Baby!

We have all heard the story about the woman who didn’t know she was pregnant until she had the baby.

The Sun Uk reported that Amanda Ross, 41,  is one of them. She found she was 8 months pregnant and then 15 hours later had a beautiful baby girl. Talk about shock and surprise!

My step sister was also one of those women too that found out days before going into labour.  During her pregnancy she was very sick the first few months, and it was covered up by a flu she had, so she had no idea she was experiencing first trimester morning sickness and fatigue. It was just unfortunate she had a flu on top.

My step sister also did a lot of things that pregnant women probably shouldn’t do while pregnant. Event parks with fast scooters that she crashed a few times. Drank alcohol, and later on in the pregnancy, was horse riding every weekend, and even fell off the horse, getting some serious bruising.

She also didn’t gain weight all up front, it was all over, her arms, legs, bottom, everything grew, so she only thought she was getting fat. 8 months on, she started to feel weird in herself, and she wasn’t feeling right. She went to a doctor who revealed she was full term pregnant. Naturally the family was very shocked.
And as soon as it started sinking in, she went into labour.
The hospital she went to was the best in the area at the time, and the medical receptionist was shocked to see she hadn’t a doctor – of course she wouldn’t, she only found out. They brought her in, and that was that. Next thing you know, I am an Aunty.
We often wonder if she knew before any of this before she officially knew, but she says she had no idea. The question asked is how could you not know? But people tend to forget that all pregnancies are different.


Mimmi is a mother of 2 handsome boys, Keiran (2009) and Davin. (2012) She is a full time stay at home mum, taking care of my boys; her eldest with autism and both of them with developmental delays. She is a huge video game player, and loves to eat large amounts of curry.

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