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Say What I Mean…

I'm still getting this wrong. I've had some pretty big fails with saying exactly what I mean to our 4 year old. This is sort of a continuation of “lying to children”, because more and more im finding my little boy needs absolute literal honesty.

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Dad Talk

How i Communicate with a 4 Year Old?

This article was inspired by a friend; He said to me “I like the way you communicate with your boy, My brother just yells and screams at his boy.” There is scientific evidence a baby in the mum’s womb are learning to identify communication via touch and sound. Therefore from…

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Dad Talk

Chat with Daddy

Lately my 1 years old daughter has been making a lot of different sounds (apart from the usual crying & bickering.) I decided to try to capture these sounds on my phone, or I wrote down what type of sounds she was making at the time and what it sounded like. I also…

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