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What Do you Consider Natural Childbirth

Since Margo is about to turn three, I’ve recently been thinking a lot about her birth. Margo was born in a hospital setting and her birth was considered a ‘natural childbirth’.

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Fainting at Hospital

Fainting at Hospital Today was a bit of an adventure, be patient while I fill in the background leading up to the scary bit… My great grandmother, who is sick and a little nutty, lives with my Nan and Pop, in my home town, with most of my family. My…

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1st Midwife Appointment

1st Midwife Appointment Today I had my first Midwife appointment and was very excited. It ran on time, the midwife was truly lovely and kind. She gave us a gift bag full of goodies and info about what to expect and what our options might be. The sad part came…

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13 Week Scan

13 Week Scan Today I had my 13 week scan to check the Nuchal translucency fold. And of course it was a bit emotional. So while everything went very well and so far so good, getting to that point was a bit hectic.

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Choosing to have a baby under 30

It seems to be a big deal these days, and yes, even frowned upon in some areas, to start a family before you’re 30. In today’s society it’s often seen as irresponsible to even think about babies before the career and owning your first home

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