5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Not Do Pole Fitness

Firstly, we're following the double negative here, right? I'm suggesting maybe you SHOULD do pole fitness - if you really want to. (If not, no drama. I get it's not for everyone.) I've been doing Pole Fitness now for only 5 months - but I almost can't imagine not doing…

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Pole Fitness

Okay, so there’s some pretty obvious benefits of starting an exercise routine. Increasing strength, fitness, getting out of the house - all that. They’re all good things! But Pole Fitness/Pole Dancing has turned out to be something special. Any fitness class that can get me out of the house in…

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Weight Loss, Body Image and Lies I Tell Myself

“I’m perfect just the way I am." “I accept my body for how it looks." “My weight has no bearing on my self esteem." (Lies, all lies)

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