Fear Of Food : I have a Food Poisoning Phobia

I almost felt the need to announce on my personal Facebook page how proud I am of myself I am today. You see, last night I cooked a roast that I had bought from the supermarket on Saturday. Yesterday was Tuesday, which means I’d bought the roast a full three…

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In The Deep End – Learning to swim

My eldest who is now 6, had done swimming lessons from mid last year, to the beginning of this year. He loved it. Followed instruction pretty well. But couldn't focus or hold on to wait his turn as the instructor taught the other 2 children in his group.

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Please Don’t Assume My Kids Love Dogs

I like dogs, I really do. My kids like dogs too, but only when the dog is on a lead, is close to their owner and isn’t acting like a lunatic.

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There’s Nothing to be Scared About

“There’s Nothing to be Scared About” is Something I Never Say to My Kids. Her whole body was trembling. She was terrified. Margo’s swim lesson last week, was the last lesson of the day. She had been going to swim lessons at a different pool for a few years, but we…

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