Choosing Not to be a Parent Doesn’t Make You Selfish

So, a couple of days ago I engaged in a conversation on Facebook about the idea that choosing to not have a baby is selfish. I’m sure it’s a sentiment you’ve come across before? I know I’ve heard it. Many times. I’d like to immediately point out that this doesn’t…

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Failing to Conceive and PCOS

When you've had a baby and you're barely home from the hospital, settling into your new life as a parent, adjusting to the frequent feeds, the no sleep and living almost entirely on love and wonder, it already it begins. And already it begins. The overly personal question of “so…

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Dad Talk

Australian University finds father’s Sperm link to children obesity

Researchers have found obese father’s sperm could increase the risk of their children in being overweight. Dr Tod Fullston, of University of Adelaide, has revealed in a study, using mice, a connection between the father’s sperm and obesity and diabetes-like symptoms in up to two generations of offspring. Dr Fullston…

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