5 Things For Kids To Do In The Solomons

Only 3 hours from Brisbane is a unique paradise ready to be explored – the Solomon  Islands! Sitting in the same timezone as Australian Daylight Savings Time it is a great spot to take your family for an overseas trip without jet lag, long flights or over the top commercialism. The Solomon Islands is on the brink of exploding with tourism so now is the perfect time to explore this virtually untouched paradise with your family. Here are my top 5 things to do in the Solomons with kids. Watersports  Whether your kids have always wanted to snorkel, swim in the clearest waters you will ever see in your life, explore coral or try stand up paddle boarding, surfing, water skiing or wakeboarding, the Solomon Islands has it. On top of that, if they are older kids, they can try scuba diving and see wrecks, sharks, corals and a variety…

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A trip to the supermarket isn’t a holiday

I get the “joke” here. I totally understand the feeling of being so bound to your babies and role as their mother that any time out, even if it’s just a half hour trip to the supermarket can feel like a holiday. But I feel like I need to say it: A trip to the supermarket by yourself is not a holiday. A holiday is a holiday! Mums deserve better standards of what we should consider a decent break.

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Product Reviews

Best Travel Pram For Your Family

As the holiday season approaches people start to ask me to recommend them the best travel pram. While there is no absolute best travel pram, it's simply a matter of working out what is the best travel pram for YOUR family.

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5 Reasons I loved Problogger

I’ve been back from bloggerland (aka Problogger) for a few days and I’m so lost and forlorn. I miss it so much. I want to go back. I want to go and live in bloggerland forever. My family can just come and visit me from time to time.

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