You Can’t Get Back Lost Sleep

Yesterday was a particularly long day. It started at 3 am where my little girl woke up and simply could not fall back to sleep. I’d only gone to sleep just after 11 pm myself. She’d already woken up briefly at 1am, so my 4 hours sleep had already been…

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Baby Articles

Ants In A Vacuum Cleaner

I was doing a little bit of housework while babywearing with my baby girl in a carrier on my back. I turned on the upright vacuum cleaner and as I started to work on the living room floor two bullants dropped out of the vacuum onto the carpet.

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Hide and Seek = Nap and Clean

When we’re all getting a little frazzled, when the kids are alternating between tearing apart the house and tearing apart each other. When the kids are bored, we’re drowning in mess, and I’m just too tired to deal with entertaining the kids while also somehow pulling my house together and…

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Parenting Articles

What Do I Do All Day?

This moment on Futurama summarised how I feel about what I do all day - especially since being a "Stay at home Mum" for the last 3 years. Most of the time what I do goes unnoticed, not because nobody cares but because it’s just what must be done. Nappies…

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