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Elijah’s Birth Story

birth story

On the 28th July, we welcomed our precious little man Elijah George into our lives. This is his birth story.

My pregnancy with Elijah was text book – in the sense that it was one of those of pregnancies that progress with no complications and very little discomfort.

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The Place He Was Born – Trigger Warning: Birth Trauma

the place he was born

Someone very close to me is preparing to give birth for the second time at the same hospital my son was born, and it surprises me that after well over 5 years since I’ve stepped foot in that hospital it still stirs up some feelings for me. Not all bad feelings, I think I'm passed most of it,but it is still there.

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Elliot’s Birth Story

Okay, this has been a while coming. My little man is 7 months old now and has just started teething (another story for another time) and I have been meaning to get this down for quite some time, and in fact have 4 pages of unfinished notes jotted down SOMEWHERE about my birthing experience. I'm going to start by saying it wasn't a positive experience for me and talking about it with several health carers from the day after I arrived home from hospital I have been urged to write a letter of complaint to the hospital where I had my son at. Hence the 4 pages.

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