5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Not Do Pole Fitness

Firstly, we're following the double negative here, right? I'm suggesting maybe you SHOULD do pole fitness - if you really want to. (If not, no drama. I get it's not for everyone.) I've been doing Pole Fitness now for only 5 months - but I almost can't imagine not doing…

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Best Family Friendly Mornington Peninsula Wineries

Working as a first class flight attendant I am always very proud when we serve wine from my home region of the Mornington Peninsula. I am very patriotic of my home and love telling my passengers from all over the world how beautiful ‘the Peninsula’ is, with National Geographic naming…

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Lifestyle changes for dads

Hey Dads to be or new dads, be prepared for some “goodbyes” Say goodbye to Space around the house. With kids come a-lot of stuff. Babies need prams, bouncers, nappies. Older kids need toys, books, toys and more toys. And the all need clothes! These all seem to take up…

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