Rachel Stewart

Calling Triple Zero

I don’t drive. I’ve had my Learner’s for over 5 years, I have anxiety around being in cars, even as a passenger, I am working on it, but at the moment I can’t drive.

People have asked me, but what if there’s an emergency? What if the kids need to go to hospital? Which has always struck me as being obvious – I call an ambulance. If it’s not an emergency I’ve called Health Direct, or I’ve taken them to a medical centre, but if it’s an emergency, I’ll triple zero.


For many new parents this isn’t something that takes thought or action, for many parents bonding is instant and as natural as breathing in and out and the bonding begins during pregnancy and continues effortlessly after their baby is born. For others feeling a deep bond and connection to your baby may not be as instant.

Say What I Mean…

I’m still getting this wrong. I’ve had some pretty big fails with saying exactly what I mean to our 4 year old. This is sort of a continuation of “lying to children”, because more and more im finding my little boy needs absolute literal honesty.

Warrior Mum

One of my fears has been that I’ve had so many “false alarms” – what if there is something wrong and I don’t act quickly enough, because I’ve been wrong so many times that I second guess myself.

Sugar & Spice

Looking back to when my son was reaching toddler hood, climbing everything, running off across the park with reckless abandon, never giving me a moment to sit and catch my breath before he’d be off trying to give himself concussion.

Before and After

I love before and after shots, I don’t even really care what the before or after is. Home renovations, landscaping, city building, rearranged bedrooms, hair cuts and make overs; the idea of one photo on the left and one on the right of the exact same thing,