Look Before You Lock – Avoid Fatal Distraction

I was driving home from the shops today and heard a message on the radio from the “Look Before You Lock” campaign. “Look Before You Lock” is a campaign to raise awareness and promote strategies to prevent accidentally leaving your baby or child in the car. There’s are several great video that explains how “fatal distraction” can happen to anyone.

Safe Cosleeping isn’t Dangerous

Cosleeping is natural, normal, and nothing to be ashamed of. Most people will share a bed with their baby and some stage. According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association website “One Australian study found that 80% of babies spent some time co-sleeping in the first 6 months of life.” Which is why it’s important that healthcare professionals inform parents about the safest ways to sleep with their baby, because even when parents don’t plan to cosleep, sometimes it’s the only way anyone can get any sleep.


This is intended as a general guide, for potential safety hazards in  child’s environment. Your home and risk factors might be different, so just take from this list what is relevant to you. If there is anything you would like us to add, please comment below. General Rule Always follow …

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