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Little People Have Big Feelings

When my daughter was a toddler to about four years old she would have episodes of intense emotion. Which I guess is a euphemism for a "tantrum", but I feel like tantrum implies that it's an intentional behaviour. Whereas I absolutely believe these outbursts were beyond her control.

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Please Is Not A Magic Word

please is not a magic word

I have a little bit of a bone to pick with the word “Please” as it’s snuck its way into my house lately and it’s getting on my very last nerve. “Please” is a nice enough word in itself, it’s reasonably innocuous, but when it’s used as though it has power, then it starts to grate on me a little.

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Bedtime Dramas, Doubts and Dilemmas

bedtime dramas

Last night was a bit of a difficult bedtime for my little girl - who’s just turned 3. Which is unusual for her, she’s can be pretty strong willed and intense, but she thrives on routine and bedtime is all about routine, so she usually goes through it all without event and she’s pretty tired at the end of the day.

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Tantrums; Theirs and Mine


My two year old has had three epic tantrums in the past ninety minutes. There is chewed up corn on the rug. And non-chewed rice. And a spoon. And possibly what is left of my sanity, smooshed up in the bits of corn and rice.

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My Challenging Toddler

challenging toddler

There’s so many polite euphemisms I’ve used to describe my daughter: “Challenging”, “Strong Willed” “Determined” and “Intense” (by which I mean “difficult” “combative” “stubborn” and “throws tantrums… a lot”) She’s always been like this, since she was a brand new baby, I’ve been shocked by how intense she can be.There have been many times I’ve looked at my wonderful little girl in the middle of a massive meltdown and wondered “Where have I gone wrong?” But when I’m calm (and she’s calm) I look back and I do know that this is the right path for us.It might be not be the right approach for all people or for all children, but it’s what works for us.

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Why It’s All Worthwhile

I read this post “Why do parents make parenting sound so God-awful?” recently and then again on DailyLife under the title "Do parenting blogs put women off motherhood?" and I’ve heard childless friends express similar feelings, so I thought I’d throw a little glimmer of hope your way.I’ll start by saying that I don’t think it’s all bad to vent away, online, or in real life, it can be liberating, entertaining, and it can still be brave. I know for myself, I was telling people that I was feeling great, how much I loved being a mum, how easy my son was as a newborn – that he was sleeping well – gosh It was a fairy tale that everyone said it would be!

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Tantrums & Meltdowns

Meltdowns, tantrums, outbursts, whatever term you use, are when your toddler or child are so overwhelmed by their emotions they lose control. They might screaming and cry, throw themselves at the floor, hit, kick, pinch, or bit, they might refuse to move.

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