Parents Threatened With A Fine For Having A Normal Toddler

So naturally this piece of news has sparked heavy debate online about whether or not it's reasonable to expect that parents refrain from allowing their child to create excessive noise.

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Where Were The Parents!? They Ask

Firstly, the picture goes viral because the vast majority of parents are sitting behind their computer screen going “ahahaha, yeah, been there, done that” OR at the very least can go “Oh, I totally can see how that went down”

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Is It Okay To Call Your Child An Asshole?

I recently read a blog post by a blog ModernLifeWife31 titled "It's NEVER OK to call your toddler an ASSHOLE" and it keeps popping up in my Facebook newsfeed so I feel like I should form some kind of response to it.

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Christmas Shopping with a Child

Firstly - don’t. It’s a bad idea. You know it’s a bad idea. You know you’ll never get away with it. No matter how clever your ninja skills are, or how incredibly well you plan it - they’ll look, they’ll know. It wont work.

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Bedtime Dramas, Doubts and Dilemmas

Last night was a bit of a difficult bedtime for my little girl - who’s just turned 3. Which is unusual for her, she’s can be pretty strong willed and intense, but she thrives on routine and bedtime is all about routine, so she usually goes through it all without…

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Elliot and Daddy’s Bedtime Routine

Over the last few weeks since we moved into our new home our toddler (20 months) has developed (been encouraged into) a really sweet bedtime routine. Bed time is now my favorite time of day.

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Reason’s my Toddler wants to Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is like a favourite snack, a cuddle with Mumma and the comfort of sucking all rolled into one, so it’s no wonder that my toddler wants to feed often, but yesterday walking home from dropping her big brother off at school she lifted up her arm to show me…

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Tantrums & Meltdowns

Meltdowns, tantrums, outbursts, whatever term you use, are when your toddler or child are so overwhelmed by their emotions they lose control. They might screaming and cry, throw themselves at the floor, hit, kick, pinch, or bit, they might refuse to move.

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