My LCHF Adventure

How I lost more than 10kgs in less than 3 months with no calorie counting, shakes, pills, programs, starving myself or increased exercise. I’m just eating delicious food whenever I'm hungry (okay, with one catch...)

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Body Image and Weight Loss

Surely I can’t be the only person who’s thought: “I’d love my body if I weighed X amount” “I’d love my body if I wear X size clothing” “I’d love my body if it looked exactly how I want it to look.”

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Australian University finds father’s Sperm link to children obesity

Researchers have found obese father’s sperm could increase the risk of their children in being overweight. Dr Tod Fullston, of University of Adelaide, has revealed in a study, using mice, a connection between the father’s sperm and obesity and diabetes-like symptoms in up to two generations of offspring. Dr Fullston…

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