Learning To Juggle – Literally and Metaphorically

There is no such thing as a work-life balance. A "work/life balance" is impossible. Balance is just not how life works. You cannot give equal time, attention and focus to all things in your life at all times.

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Turning Thirty – “Suddenly 30” Was Onto Something

When the movie “Suddenly 30” (Also titled "13 Going On 30") came out in early 2004 I was sixteen years old. And I didn’t get why anyone would wish to be 30. That just seems so… so…. OLD!

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Networking When You Suck At Networking

My partner is great at networking. He’ll walk into a room and seamlessly float in and out of conversations with anyone and everyone. I don't understand how he does it so easily. Just like he doesn't understand why I struggle with it so much. It seems to be something that…

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Tips & How To

7 Ways to Procrastinate Like An Expert

I am the queen of procrastinating. If procrastination was a sport I’d definitely think about the possibility of maybe entering one day.

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Parenting Articles

The Working Mum’s Thesaurus

Average. Mediocre. Ordinary. All words to describe myself as a child. I always did ok at school, and at everything else I put my hand to, but I never really excelled at anything. I worked hard, I did what was required of me, but nothing in particular came naturally to…

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