Networking When You Suck At Networking

My partner is great at networking. He’ll walk into a room and seamlessly float in and out of conversations with anyone and everyone. I don’t understand how he does it so easily. Just like he doesn’t understand why I struggle with it so much. It seems to be something that people have, or they don’t.

I’ve Never Met A blogger I Didn’t Like


I’m heading to Problogger in Queensland next month and I cannot tell you how excited I am!!!

Seeing Darren Rowse, other speakers and learning things – I’m sure that’ll all be good. BUT the main reason I’m excited about going is the “networking” and when I say “networking” I mean spending time with all my favourite bloggers – and there’s a lot of them.

Anxiety As A Blogger


So, in the last month I’ve only published one thing written by me. I don’t know if anyone has actually noticed – and it’s totally okay if you haven’t – I’ve gone to some effort to conceal my “writer’s block”; frequently posting amusing memes on social media and sharing guest articles.

So… I wrote a children’s book…

writing a children's book

I went for “inspiration” for blogging and ended up sort-of-but-not-really self publishing a children’s book within about 48 hours of attending the class. I had already written it about a year ago and I had most of the pictures sketched; it just wasn’t in book form, it was a pile of paper I had stashed in my wardrobe.

I Always Wanted To Be A Writer

always wanted to be a writer

Being a writer is the one thing I ever firmly knew I wanted to be when I “grew up”. I always loved reading. I started reading fantasy fiction novels when I was 12 and that was when I felt like that was what I wanted to do.