Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Face paint

This is a simple 3 colour Teenage Mutant  Ninja Turtle Face Paint tutorial.

Step One

Prepare their skin – give their face a wash and dry.

ninja turtle face paint

Step Two

Outline with the green first. You want to have a bump on the top of the head that has curves upwards on either side, come out at their cheek bone and follow their cheek bone down to their upper lip. You can also do a full face but this is much quicker!


Step Three

Fill in the green except leave a space in the middle for the mask. Colour in above the eve brows and across the middle of their cheeks, curving into the middle between their eyes and across their nose.


Step Four

Fill in the mask space with red. If you’re using a wet face paint allow the green to dry for a moment before continuing so that the colours don’t mix if you go over the line.


Step Five

Outline the green and the mask with black. Then add brow lines and crease lines between the nose to give them an “angry” look.

 Ninja Turtle Face paint


Now you’re little Ninja Turtle is ready to get into their costume.

…. Opps! Wrong costume!

 Ninja Turtle Face paint


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