The Mummy Diets

I’m sure you’ve heard all the weight loss plans, regimes, pills and super foods. Well, below I’ve compiled a list of diets you may not have heard of. I call them “The Mummy Diets”.

The busy mum diet. This I’m sure we can all not find time for, it’s the diet for busy mums who simply don’t find time in their day to prepare food and eat it.

I’m so hungry right now…

The breastfeeding diet. I’m sure you already know that breastfeeding burns calories – but did you also know that if you feed a baby to sleep who then won’t let you put them down its also a very useful tool for skipping meals.

The kids keep eating all my food diet. This diet becomes more effective the more children you have. I have two and sometimes if I’m lucky they’ll eat at least half my meal – easy for portion control!

Dieting for two. Similar to the “Kids eating all my food” diet, if your children are eating whatever you put on your own plate, then you might start eating healthier foods because if you’re eating high fat, high sugar, highly processed foods – then they are too.

The conscientious mother diet. If you avoid all the foods anyone has ever suggested might be unsafe during pregnancy or breastfeeding, may contribute to allergies or add to heart burn, or cause wind for babies, or then basically your left with a diet of corn thins and water. Bon appetit.

The can’t afford to buy junk food diet. This diet particularly suits stay at home mothers who are trying to get by on one income. No money for chocolate? No worries! Think about all those calories you’re saving!

the mummy diet 2
Thanks kids for all your support!

The kids keeps giving me gastro diet. Kids go to daycare? Fantastic! The odds are they’ll bring home all sorts of bugs, and with any luck you’ll be puking your guts out in no time!

The morning sickness diet. It works similarly to the gastro diet, but over a much longer period of time. I personally lost 6kgs in both of my pregnancies in the first trimester. Simple but effective!

Don’t forget some exercise to your dieting!

The babywearing workout. Step 1 – Pick up a 3kg baby. Step 2 – gradually increase baby’s weight over the next 1-2 years or until baby is too heavy to carry. Step 3. Put baby down. If you get to this stage you may want to consider having another baby and repeat steps 1-3.

The herding kittens workout. If you have two or more children who can walk or run, actually run is better, take them into a public place and let them out of the pram. It’s a good idea to map out a route that you would like to try to direct your children to follow. This works best with children under 5.

The house with stairs workout. Having a multi-story home with children is excellent for leg tone and also for cardio when trying to get ready to leave anywhere in a hurry. Also boost the effectiveness of this work out by getting your children to hide important items around the house and then not tell you where they are.

*Disclaimer: This is all in jest – please take care of yourself. If you’re having trouble finding time to prepare and eat set meals it might help to have healthy snacks that you can grab and go, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Also don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

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Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central Australia. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner.She has a background in early childhood education, but right now is content to be a stay at home mum.She is passionate about birthing rights, breastfeeding and mental health. She enjoys crafting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.


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