A Thermomix Christmas – Thermomixmas?

I’ve been madly pinning things to my Thermomixmas pin board on Pinterest. So many pins, so little time!



My Thermie. I have never always keep it decorated seasonally.

I’ve already started making thermomix Christmas gifts. There’s something really satisfying about giving home made goodies as presents. Last year, almost all my gifts were home made baskets of goodies that I whipped up in Thermione Grainger, my kitchen witch. Jams, relishes, sauces, fudge, fruitcake, infused oils, peppermint bark and balsamic reductions galore.



The recipe for this cake can be found in Devil of a Cookbook

This year, I’ve already made a couple of batches of Tenina’s Strawberry and Vanilla jam, sometomato relish and a batch of bottled pasta sauce.



I also whipped up a batch of this Christmas Gingerbread Playdough and my only concern there is that while it’s safe to eat, there’s no way the flavour lives up to the delicious smell!




If you have time in the lead up to Christmas, baked goods and sweet treats also make great presents. You can’t beat a plate of shortbread, gingerbread or cookies. Last year, my jars of salted caramel sauce were very well received and didn’t last long!



If you like fudge, you can’t go past Scottish Tablet. I made this last year to give out to work colleagues. It’s got a caramel vanilla flavour and a little goes a long way. Word of warning: It will smell divine and you will want to eat it straight out of the bowl. You’ll try to swipe a bit from the side of the bowl with your finger and probably burn yourself but oh my goodness- WORTH IT.



This is before it was cut up and everyone tried to steal it packaged.

I’ve also been tasked with making dessert for the family Christmas Eve dinner and I’m making icecream cake by special request. I’ve admired this recipe for Fruity Dream Layered Icecream Cake but the one I’ll be making is a cheat’s version because I will have limited time.

I leave my vanilla icecream out to soften and when it’s gooey, I blitz up some cherries and frozen berries, then add 1/3 of my softened icecream and mix through. If you have a thermomix, I find speed 5-6 for about 30 seconds does the trick. Then that layer goes in to my silicon cake mould and rests in the freezer. I give the bowl a wash then on to the next layer. Layer two consists of blitzed (but still chunky) violet crumble bar and icecream mixed like the first lot. Pour over the first layer. Layer 3 doesn’t even need a bowl wash- just throw in 1/2 a packet of broken up chocolate ripple biscuits, blitz up a bit, mix in the icecream and pour over the last layer. You can make this well in advance, just wrap it well in cling wrap. The pièce de résistance, however, is the berry coulis I serve it with. Never fails to impress and so easy in the thermie! I’ve never successfully taken a photo of it- it just never lasts long enough!

I also found a fantastic group on facebook called Thermo Xmas Gift Ideas that has over 5000 members sharing what they’re making and how. In the files there are recipes, printable labels and some great ideas- well worth a look!

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