Tula Explore Carrier Review for Beautiful Babywearing

Tula Explore Review

Before I get into the detailed review of the Tula Explore I want to explain the full Tula range! As well as my own personal experience owning and using a Tula carrier every day!

My Tula Time

Toddler tula carrier

I had a Toddler Tula, which I absolutely LOVED for big kid carrying (from three years onward) and got a lot of use out of it bush walking with my big little girl regularly. I was walking on average 30kms a week with her on my back. (Pro tip: 20+kgs of child on your back really amplifies the workout!)

We used the Toddler Tula until she was five years old. I actually still have it in the cupboard. I retired the pram a couple of years ago, but I still have the Toddler Tula stashed away – JUST IN CASE.

So that should give you some idea as to how comfortable and supportive the Tula carrier’s overall design is. I was easily spending hours a week carrying a large preschooler on my back in my Tula.

New and Improved Tula Carriers

There’s been some changes in the last few years in the Tula carrier family.

They used to just have two sized carriers. They had a standard carrier which could be suitable for newborns with an infant insert, and had a weight limit of 20kgs. Then they had a Toddler carrier – which I have – designed for toddlers aged 18 months to 22kgs.

The two new and improved carriers in the Tula range are the Tula Free-to-grow carrier and the Tula Explore (which is the one I’m reviewing) are both suitable for newborns (from 3.2kgs) WITHOUT an infant insert, and they both have a weight limit of 20kgs.

The difference between the Tula Free to Grow and the Tula Explore is the Explore has the option of forward facing. Which is a really important feature to many parents.

Tula Explore Review

Firstly Tula Explore carriers come in a range of stunning colours and designs. As you would expect from a Tula carrier. Tula are known for their eye catching and gorgeous carriers. Personally I think this is something the Tula gets right – and other brands try to emulate and fail. I feel like they have a great variety of bright and bold Tula Explore carriers. As well as subtly interesting, to suit everybody’s taste and personal style. Then the materials and craftsmanship of the Tula Explore also reflects the quality I expect from a Tula carrier.

I had so much fun borrowing a friend’s one year old to have a good play with the Tula Explore. I tried her on my back, front and of course – forward facing.

Back Carrying

tula explore review back carry

My experience is new parents don’t necessarily understand why you would ever want or need a carrier with a 20kg weight limit, like the Tula Explore, that can easily carry toddlers, but carrying a toddler means you don’t have to focus on them, and your hands are free for other things. Whether it’s playing with their older siblings, running errands, or just going for a walk without them in your face all the time.

Front Carrying

tula explore review front inward facing

As well as being a great carrier from birth and well into toddlerhood, the point of difference with the Tula Explore is the forward facing functionality – which I know is a feature a lot of parents look for in a carrier.

Switching from inward to forward facing is super simple. Just change over the buttons at the front to narrow the panel so baby’s legs can come forward. It’s really quick and easy.

forward facing

I did find the positioning a little bit tricky with my friend’s toddler. I found that her legs did keep coming together at the front into more of a hanging position. Though she did seem comfortable enough.

In Conclusion

I love that Tula have brought out a carrier that offers parents that forward facing position that so many people are wanting, and they’ve done it in a way that doesn’t compromise the comfort, fit and overall size of the carrier when inward facing.

I was also able to try the Tula Explore with another friend’s petite four year old, and while he was definitely pushing the overall size and weight limit of the carrier, he still fit well enough for wearing over a short period of time. Which is absolutely remarkable for a carrier that is suitable from birth and also offers forward facing positioning.

So I love that the Tula Explore doesn’t just offer versatility, but longevity of use as well.

If you have any questions about the Tula Explore please comment below, or get in touch via social media. Otherwise enjoy the video review to see the Tula Explore in action.

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner. Rachel is obsessed prams, car seats, carriers and all things baby. She has worked in the baby industry for several years, for both suppliers and also in a retail setting and has developed a passion for connecting parents with the right products to make their lives easier. When Rachel isn't playing with prams she's enjoys crocheting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.


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  2. Omg i am so so desperate to win this! Ive heard such amazing things about this carrier. I love the prints and they hav so many great features. I had an old carrier i used for my daugter but it killed my back, i desperatly need a new one for my newborn son.who wil only b carried. Ive entered this competition wih all my fingers and toes crossed to win!!!

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    1. Rebel Maddalena Holroyd I tried to enter but it just kept taking me to a new page ? I’m the worst. I’ll keep trying lol fingers crossed! If not we will be buying one ASAP ? Thankyou for sharing

  5. Entering again because i want to win this so so badly. I jst love them so much& would ove so badly to own one of these absolutely amazing, stylish, comfy, carriers. Im.pretty sure this is how u enter? Cant see any other links. I like all the pages and watched the youtube video. Fingers crossed. ???

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    The products are absolutely gorgeous and it would be hard to pick which one to have.
    My son loves to be held and cuddle. He would love to be carried around like this.
    Fingers crossed ?

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