Uh oh. What happened????


I am a planner. Always have been. It helps me to be organised and know where & when I or we, as a family, are meant to be.

Our first daughter was the outcome of temperature taking and chart tracking. Our second was also through ovulation tracking however came from the one month I was too busy to monitor.

Our next 2 years were fairly well planned. Our first dearest daughter would be heading to kinder (YAY!!!) and I would be able to focus on my home business with just second dearest daughter at home.

Well that was until 3 weeks ago. 3 weeks ago, after waiting 53 days for my menstrual cycle to arrive; after just thinking it would arrive the next day from how I was feeling, 53 days past my last period, I peed on a stick. Within MOMENTS, before even the fluid had reached the other end of the visual window, that line came up. It was DARK. It was definite. There was no squinting involved. No inverse colours on the phone. It was all too clear.

Pregnant for the third time.

Now some would wonder why it took me so long to do the test. Well. After dearest daughter #2 my menstrual cycle had blown out from 29 days to 35 to even 45 some months. Yet I had always ovulated around day 15, so we were cautious. But not that month. Scans show I ovulated 2 WEEKS later than normal.

So after I saw that bright pink line, I called my husband and subsequently fell into a ball of tears. They were not happy tears. They were stress and freak out tears of  all the plans gone.

Now since that day I have had many times, feelings of anxiety and of failure to follow the plan. But hubby is happy, dearest daughter #1 is excited and we are just bring our plans forward a year.

My Doctor has been amazing in making my excitement grow and my hubby has been supportive of my feelings when I feel down.

We will get there. This bub was meant to happen.

Now the waiting game to the 12 week scan 😀

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