Unique Names

Unique Names

When we think of names for our beautiful children. We look for something catchy, something our baby can live with, something we like.

As we move on in this world, our name choices are beginning to grow, as people create, change and do some strange things with names. Some good, and some seriously eye raising.

I am sure we have heard some real shockers out there somewhere.

You have your random’s  people naming their children after characters in TV shows and books. Names from “Game of Thrones” are a brand new thing. Arya being one of the top ones. Oddly enough my husband wanted to name our first son Arya almost 4 years ago, as he read the books. I had no idea it came from there until Game of Thrones became a TV series.

The names Edward, Isabella did well in popularity the years of Twilight came to the big screen, for every movie that came out of that series.

mimmi - There is Unique... and theeen.... Royal names like Queen and Princess and Duke, are popular, BUT because of Australian naming rules, (Really this covers the entire British Commonwealth) you can not technically give a child a ‘Title’ name. Which to me honestly makes sense. Why give a name like this unless you are any of the following. However people have settled for alternative spelling like Juke and Kween.

We have people that name their kids after things only associated to the internet, such as recently someone named their child ‘Hashtag.’ Yep. Easiest signature in the world. A simple ‘#’ Will do.Someone has even named their child “Google” after the website.

We have strange names only celebrities can (but really can’t) get away with. Such as Actor Jason Lee naming his son ‘Pilot Inspektor’ (yes that is the correct spelling)

Actress Shannyn Sossamon naming her son ‘AudioScience.’  And the most recent Beyonce and Jay Z naming their daughter ‘Blue Ivy.’

One of the older eye raisers is the son of Jermaine Jackson’s is called “Jermajesty”

Anyway the examples so far aren’t so bad as some of the more ridiculous ones you hear about.

Such as, in New Zealand a 9 year old girl was demanded by the government to change her name from ‘Talula does the Hula in Hawaii” to something more sane. It means this poor girl was this name for 9yrs already. And it really makes me wonder, how did the parents get away with that one, and for so long?

mimmi - There is Unique... and theeen.....2 The was also ‘Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116’ (Pronounced “albin.”) The parents of this child named this child to protest against it’s country naming rights, and was fined for giving their child this name. It’s kind of like they leaned on a keyboard for a split second.

Naming a child should be a joy. I don’t mind people trying to have unique names for their children. But think of them when you are doing it. They have to live with this name for the rest of their lives. SO please, THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Don’t give them a dumb name.


Mimmi is a mother of 2 handsome boys, Keiran (2009) and Davin. (2012) She is a full time stay at home mum, taking care of my boys; her eldest with autism and both of them with developmental delays. She is a huge video game player, and loves to eat large amounts of curry.


  1. I liked the name Talulah with our first pregnancy, I had it short listed as a girls name, until I heard that story it put me off using it.

    Though we’ve given our children unique names, we saved it for their middle names, so they have normal – not overly common, like not top 20 list names – first names which they can go by, and unusual middle names they can choose to use in their daily lives or not.

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