Water Colour Salt Pictures

Water Colour Salt Pictures


Paper –  Water Colour Paper / Card Stock / Poster Board

Watercolour Paint

White School Glue

Table Salt


With the glue, make designs on the paper.
Than sprinkle generous amounts of table salt on glue, pouring excess off.

Sprinkle Benerous Amounts

Be Generous When Pouring Salt


Be generous when pouring on the salt


 Make a funnel and gently pour off the excess

Make a funnel and gently pour off the excess

Drop tiny bits of watercolour paint on the salt and watch as it spreads through the salt.

Takes a while to dry, depending on how saturated the salt got… 



Margo was so busy and absorbed with this activity for a long time!  She kept wanting to make more designs, so she could paint them.

 Keeps the kid's busy for ages!

Keeps the kid’s busy for ages!


Special Notes:
You can tailor this activity for any age kid.  For the little ones, you may want to help here and there, just to get them started. (Like make a design and show them what to do.)  For slightly older kids, just let them have fun and do it themselves.  Give them the materials and see if they can figure out what to do with them.

With any activity, just let the kids have fun.  Try not to interfere too much if they’re not ‘doing it right‘.  Margo turned a few of her salty pictures into a brown slurry, but that was half the fun.

 Pretty Artwork

Prrrreeettttty Artwork

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* Title has been changed.

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