Woolworths “Once Upon a Time” Baby Products Review

The Woolworths Once upon a baby range is a relatively new supermarket market brand of baby goods. I have fallen in love with this brand and when trying a new product with my baby I always look for a once upon a time option first. It’s great quality and a great price.

once upon a timeBaby lotion and baby oil

My first impression of them is that they smell DIVINE! My little man would got o bed smelling of flowers for the first few months. It is great on  his skin and although I can’t have it anywhere except my  hands (bad eczema) I am very impressed with both the oil and lotion. They both soak in nicely and are the perfect consistency for a nice little baby massage or rubbing into bubba’s feet or dry spots. And again, the smell, you just can’t go past it. Another plus is the affordability, 500ml of the lotion is just $6.99 and they are available at most Safeway/Woolworths

741952 Nappies

My  all time favourite product are the nappies. I am a Childcarer so have used a lot of different brands of nappies over the years and these are best I have come across yet. They are on the roomy side so my 3.4kg newborn was stuck in the much smaller Huggies for a while until he was big enough for Once upon a time. Before finding Once upon a time we did do a lot of shopping around until we found “our” nappy but are so happy we have settled on Once upon a time. The fit is taller and wider which resulted in less leaks and only rarely occurring poo-splosions so that was a huge plus for our family and cut down the washing significantly. They are gender neutral which is a plus and minus in my book. It is nice that I don’t have to make sure to only get the boy themed nappies but it would be really cute to have some trucks and cars on the little guys bum. They are not the cutest nappies on the market but they aren’t too bad really with turtles or insects depending on the size. However in trying to stay neutral they are a bit plain for my liking. The nappy sizes cover newborn, infant, crawler, toddler, walker and junior with 20-32 nappies in a pack depending on size and bulk boxes available with 3 packs per box. The individual nappies cost between 26 cents and 41 cents each so I am really happy with the price. Especially in comparison to some other popular brands. They also have nappy pants for toilet training ranging from toddler to junior at around 41 cents per nappy. And night nappies for the older children needing extra security for night times. These come or 4-7 years and 8+ years and cost $1.34 each Again, very affordable and a quality I trust.


These are  a bit thinner than I would like but are nice and wet which helps with nappy rash or stubborn mess. And also affordably priced

Disposable nappy bags

They come in a small box with 3 little pouches of bag rolls inside, rather than a a stack folded in half in one box. Very well thought out. It eliminate having to take a box of bags that is difficult to keep organised in the nappy bag.

woolworths-once-upon-a-time-food-range-454Food pouches

They have an easy to undo large lid that is the biggest plus of all as it’s much less of a choking hazard as some other brands of baby food pouches. There is no plastic wrap to struggle with first and it’s much better for little people learning to do up and undo lids and great for parents with cranky babies in one arm trying to undo a lid. There are 14 different flavours covering all the age groups. I would like to see more dinner based pouches rather than fruits and deserts or breakfasts which are really the only ones I get for lunches on the run.

You can find more info on their whole product range HERE.

I would like to to see the range expand to include formula, bottles, dummies, toys and clothes.


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Melissa is a married mum of 1 little man Elliot who arrived in our family in july 2013. She also have 2 cats, despite being a dog person.Before becoming Mummy, she worked in a 120 place long day care centre as a toddler room assistant, but being there 3 years i have worked with ages 3 months to 8 years.As well as that she's an arty farty do-it-yourself kind of Mum who loves creating new art experiences and making her own toys and crafts.

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