World of Baby Showers

World of Baby Showers

Baby Showers are the gathering to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby. Many involve playing games, talking about babies, names, eating nice food and opening up gifts.

I hear a lot of talk from guests and hosts alike, about their peeves about these gatherings.

Firstly, the big one is the games. You would be very surprised to know that not many people like the games they are made to play at Baby Showers. Sucking cubes of ice, pinning pegs, popping balloons. Most of the time guests just want to have a laugh and chat. Don’t get me wrong, games can be fun, I liked the Baby Bingo. If you’re having games, maybe allow guests to opt out. Also as an alternative to games, some guests prefer activities like Onesie decorating or guest book for guests to write “Words of Wisdom” or just to wish the new parents luck and happiness.

The next thing is gifts. Now the issue is, people are beginning to think Baby Showers are about getting gifts. ‘I won’t bother buying this, because I will get it at baby shower’. Baby showers shouldn’t just be about the gifts. Bringing a gift is meant to be a nice gesture, but people have started to expect gifts at Baby Showers. I know some parents who have a baby shower for every child just for gifts and other parents who didn’t have a baby shower the 2nd time round, because they already got the stuff they wanted. Also some parents don’t want to have a second, or even a first, baby shower, because they don’t want to appear to just want the gifts.

I had a baby shower, I didn’t expect presents. I wanted to see my friends again before becoming a Mum, because I knew there was a possibility I was never going to see some of these friends again – and I was right.

The last thing is, the assumption that Baby Showers are a girls only event. I guess it really depends on your other half. My husband was not interested to be at the baby shower, so mine ended up being a girls’ only thing. But there are some guys out there who want to be involved or have it as a big family get together – which is nice too.

Baby showers are beginning to become extravagant too. Big cakes, fancy food and elaborate decorations. So parents are spending more expense to host these parties, on top of trying to prepare for the babies arrival. Again, like with gifts is fine if you want to, but not if it’s expected you must organise such an event, or that someone must organise it for you.

We now have things like Gender revealing parties where the parents tell everyone their babies sex, in creative or inventive ways such as a white frosted cake with a pink or blue dyed centre and the answer is revealed once the cake is cut. Mother’s Blessing Ceremonies, which is a spiritual ceremony, where people bring beads, and you make a necklace/bracelet for good luck for the mother to wear during labour, and you can pass on to your child. Or you could just a simple lunch out with friends.

To wrap this up. The crux of the issues and social faux pars is expectations: expecting extravagant gifts, or being expected to participate in games against your will, or whoever organises the shower being expected to put on an elaborate event. It can take the fun and focus away from what really matters. We must think of the reason why we have baby showers, to bring our loved ones together to celebrate the wonderful event that is about to happen. The birth of a new life. Celebrate however you wish.



Mimmi is a mother of 2 handsome boys, Keiran (2009) and Davin. (2012) She is a full time stay at home mum, taking care of my boys; her eldest with autism and both of them with developmental delays. She is a huge video game player, and loves to eat large amounts of curry.

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