You hippy, baby-wearing weirdo!

You hippy, babywearing weirdo!

Okay, I admit… When I was pregnant, I assumed that “baby wearing” was for hippies. You know the kind, the ones who refuse to spend the time with a razor more then once every 12 months, have multi colored beads in their dreadlocked hair, and wear earthy toned cloth pants and leather sandals.

I am far from being a “hippy” … (Well, I’m not the cheesecloth wearing, dreadlocked kind – as for shaving? Well… When I have time)

I had no idea what baby wearing was all about and it was actually an AMAZING tool!

More and more I was hearing about Mei Tai’s, Ergo carriers, Baby Bjorns, Manduca, so on and so forth and thought that perhaps, maybe, this could be a tool that a “normal” mum could use. Surely it wasn’t restricted to hippies, right?

After a few weeks researching, I decided to invest in an amazing Ergo Sport carrier for my belly bub. When she was born, let me just say this.

Best. Thing. Ever.

I am a pretty lazy person, and will confess, the idea of strapping a watermelon sized baby to my chest and carrying her around was less then appealing.
But now having used my Ergo, almost to the point of needing (read: wanting) a new one… I actually feel lazy that it’s that simple to just strap her in and off we go!

So any way… Moral of my story is.. When you’re a new mum, don’t let stereo typed products turn you off. Research every piece of product information to the hills, try, test, and re-test before you buy. Something that was first considered a luxury for me, is now a necessity!

I could rave about my ergo until the cows come home…! But don’t worry… I won’t J

Until next week…. Sincerely, your new-age-hippy-friend xx