Michael Jackson enticed “Lost boys”

Michael Jackson enticed “Lost boys” After reading this article by “The Mirror UK”  – I am beginning to, no longer be a sit on the fence person when coming to Michael Jackson, and the victims of Neverland. More then 10 kids have come forward over the years, and it’s been a long time. The first accusation of child molestation was in the 90’s! & Michael Jackson was found innocent. Every other child after that, who have been questioned about whether they are actual victims, or are after Michael Jackson money. But you have to think, more then 10 kids, is a lot, (One is bad enough) and for these kids to keep speaking out for years after, Something isn’t right. Something has to be true somewhere. AS the saying goes “If there is smoke, there is fire.” In the light of Michael Jackson’s other court case, his murder trial. The information from certain…

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