10 Top Baby Names Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA

top baby names australia new zealand usa and uk

While we’ve been looking at the top baby Names in Australia and New Zealand and comparing them to previous year’s trends for some time, now we thought it might be interesting to take a look a little further away and compare country by country as well.

Although the USA and the UK are quite a long way away, we do share a lot of cultural similarities and so thought it would be interesting to see if that extends to how we name our babies.

There are some pretty consistent naming trends comparing the top 10 baby names Australia 2021 with the top 10 baby names 2021 New Zealand, UK and USA . Unsurprisingly, Australia and New Zealand baby names have much more in common. Though you can see how Australia’s naming trends are also influenced by names coming from the UK and the USA as well.

Top Baby Names (Boys)


Looking at the top 10 boy names 2021 Oliver and Noah appear in the top 3 across all four regions.

Australia and New Zealand both feature Leo and Jack in the top 5, and interestingly Charlie ranks number 7 and Thomas number 8 for both countries.

While all of Australia’s top 10 boy names appear at least once elsewhere and New Zealand only has Hunter (10) to itself in the top 10. Whereas the names only appearing in the UK top 10 boy names are Arthur (4), Muhammad (5) Harry (7) Oscar (8) and Archie (9).

The USA has Liam to itself in the top position, as well as James(5), Benjamin(7) and Theodore (10).

Top Baby Names (Girls)


Moving to the top 10 girl names for 2021 in Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA – very similar names in the top spots, with Charlotte, Amelia, Olivia and Isla appear in the top 4 spots in three out of the four regions.

Although once we get past the top 5, there is a bit more variety for Australia and New Zealand and a bit more consistency for USA and UK.

Australia has Grace (7) Chloe (8) Matilda (10) (I wonder if Matilda is influenced by Matilda the Musical)

New Zealand adds in Sophie (9) and Ella (10)

UK’s unique names are Ivy (5) Freya (6) and Florence (8)

USA offers Emma (2) Sophia (6) and Evelyn (10)

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We will also be putting together top baby names for Australia and New Zealand comparing year on year over a longer timespan (typically we compare the position change from one year to the next – but names like Oliver has been in the top position for boys’ names since 2018. It might be interesting to see what else comes out when we stretched out the timelines of the top names across.)

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