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Many Many Ways Save Money On Your Household Expenses

I love being thrifty. I love saving money. Unnecessary spending or wasted money stresses me out. And we’ve lived reasonably well on a quite tight budget at different stages of our lives - so I think I'm pretty good at saving money around the house without feeling like we're missing out.

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Not Do Pole Fitness

Firstly, we're following the double negative here, right? I'm suggesting maybe you SHOULD do pole fitness - if you really want to. (If not, no drama. I get it's not for everyone.) I've been doing Pole Fitness now for only 5 months - but I almost can't imagine not doing it. It's still my favourite part of the week.

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Digital Distraction or Just Another Form Of Parenting Shaming?

I had a wonderful childhood! Obviously I grew up in a time before smartphones. So as you could imagine being a child in a  pre-tech-obsessed time my parents gave me their absolute undivided attention at all time. They didn’t have smart phones to distract themselves from enjoying every blissful moment of my perfect childhood..... Oh wait that never happened…

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Pole Fitness

Okay, so there’s some pretty obvious benefits of starting an exercise routine. Increasing strength, fitness, getting out of the house - all that. They’re all good things! But Pole Fitness/Pole Dancing has turned out to be something special. Any fitness class that can get me out of the house in winter at bedtime has to be pretty impressive. Right?  

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Super Smoothie For A Super Fussy Eater

Today my son who is an incredibly fussy eater and hasn't eaten a vegetable except for potato in potato chips in years had all of these vegetables. And not only did he enjoy them he promised to have them every single day.

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