Best Travel Strollers Australia 2024

We’ve found the best travel strollers Australia 2024! With ten (10!) amazing, compact, lightweight, easy to fold, easy to use options to choose from – with features and functions to suit every family and budget – we’re sure you’ll find the best travel pram for your family on this list.

StrollerRRP/ValueWeight FoldedCapacitySeatOne Hand Fold*Features
Babyzen Yoyo2$849/$7496.2kgs18 x 44 x 52cms22kgs6months+NoColour packs to customise your stroller 
Joolz Aer+$799/$6496kgs21.5 x 45 x 53cm22kgs6months+YesSmooth one step/one hand fold. Luxury fabrics and feel. 
Bugaboo Butterfly$799/$5997.3kgs23 x 45 x 54cms22kgs6months+YesFits the Bugaboo family. Built in leg rest.
Silvercrss Clic$699/5895.9kgs25 x 46.5 x 54cm22kgsNewborn+YesLuxury travel stroller with a full seat recline
Nuna TRVL$669/5996.6kgs28 x 52 x 61 cm22.7kgsNewborn+YesGreat everyday stroller (might not fit cabin luggage)
Baby Jogger Tour 2$599/$4796.5kgs56 x 44 x 18cms20.5kgsNewborn+YesGreat all rounder – ticks the boxes. 
Redsbaby Skip$4496.5kgs27 x 45 x 50cms20kgsNewborn+NoAustralian brand with a fan following.
Edwards & Co Otto$449/$3797kgs26.5 x 50.4 x 54cms20kgsNewborn+No**Impressive value for money.
Babybee Miles$479/3796.9kgs23 x 47 x 53 cm22kgsNewborn+ YesSimple one step fold & Australian owned. 
Karion Travel Stroller$349/$2895.5kgs20 x 33 x 50cms18kgs6months+NoUltra compact & Australian owned brand

Note: All prams and strollers need to have a two-step fold mechanism – so any pram may require two hands to fold depending on your ability, hand strength and dexterity.

**In my opinion a “one hand fold” means you can fold while holding a baby and while the Edwards & Co and Easywalker Miley both have a one hand fold mechanism you need to manipulate the frame to fold.

BABYZEN YOYO2 – Customise Your Colours

best travel stroller australia 2023  babyzen yoyo2

The Babyzen Yoyo has been the most popular travel stroller for many years, however with so much competition in the travel stroller space now, they are rapidly losing their position in the market because they haven’t innovated or changed the product significantly since it was launched in 2012. Despite this, it’s still one of the most expensive options on the list.

Why choose a BABYZEN YOYO?

Overall the Babyzen Yoyo is light and compact, easy to push and offers parents a huge range of colours and accessories to customise their stroller just the way they like it. You can even replace the seat pad and hood set between children to keep your Babyzen Yoyo looking fresh.

Things to consider

The fold does take some practice, it’s fiddly and not like any other stroller you’ll have ever encountered. I’ve heard stories of people getting stuck with the YOYO at the gate boarding their plane because they forgot how to fold it. So make sure you practise before you’re under pressure!

Babyzen Yoyo Newborn Options (Sold Separately):

  • Foldable Newborn Cocoon
  • Carry Cot (remove to fold)
  • Car Capsule + Adapters (Maxi Cosi/Nuna)

Joolz Aer+ – Travel in Luxury

best travel strollers australia 2023 Joolz Aer+

Right at this moment, the Joolz Aer+ is my personal favourite travel stroller and if I had to declare ONE stroller the best travel strollers Australia 2023 this would be it. Though it’s easy for me to recommend this luxury travel stroller when it’s not my money – because premium travel strollers do come with that premium price tag. But in my opinion it’s absolutely worth it (if you can stretch the budget.)

Why Choose the Joolz Aer+?

The fold is incredibly easy – folds super compact with one hand and in one smooth motion. With some practice, you can fold to a standing position so you don’t have to bend over to the ground to pick it up.

One feature that is difficult to describe but so important is the Joolz Aer+ has the nicest “pushing experience” of any other travel sized stroller. The first time I pushed one I was genuinely surprised that the Joolz Aer/Aer+ weighs about 6kgs because it has the “presence” of a much bigger pram. It just feels solid, sturdy, well made.

The fabrics, finishes, feel, the 10 year transferrable warranty, knowing that the fabrics are made from reclaimed plastics and every Joolz pram/stroller sold they plant a tree – feels like a more premium experience.

Things to consider

The Joolz Aer+ in Australia doesn’t have the full newborn recline like the overseas model, so still has the somewhat awkward recline mechanism of the original Joolz Aer. 

Joolz Aer+ Newborn Options (Sold Separately):

  • Foldable Carry Cot
  • Car Capsule + Adapters (Infa Secure Adapt More)

Bugaboo Butterfly – Extend Your Bugaboo Family

best travel stroller australia 2023

Bugaboo launched the Bugaboo Butterfly last year (after discounting the Bugaboo Ant) and it is a very similar stroller to the Joolz Aer. This makes a lot of sense, they are similar brands with a similar position in the market, it makes sense that Bugaboo would be keeping an eye on what Joolz is doing to stay in line with them.

Why Choose a Bugaboo Butterfly?

I think the main reason to go for a Butterfly over a Joolz Aer would be if you’re already in the Bugaboo “family” because many of the accessories for your full-sized Bugaboo will fit the Bugaboo Butterfly – for example, the cup holder, organiser, footmuff, seat liner, phone holder, parasol and the nappy bag. As well as the Bugaboo Turtle capsule (with Butterfly adapters sold separately) HOWEVER, it seems unclear at this stage if the Bugaboo Wheeled Board will fit the Butterfly – it would be a big feature if it does for people who already own one.

Things to consider

While the fold is very similar to the simple one-handed fold of the Aer, the fold doesn’t lock in without some pressure applied. In all the Bugaboo videos showing folding the Butterfly, they fold the stroller to the ground before picking it up, and I’m just not sure if that’s ideal for the frame (getting scratches) or for your back (bending over that far).

Bugaboo Butterfly Newborn Options (Sold Separately):

  • Car Capsule + Adapters (Bugaboo/Nuna/Maxi Cosi)

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 – Best All-Rounder

best travel stroller australia 2023 baby jogger city tour 2

The Baby Jogger city tour 2 is one of the most popular travel strollers in Australia right now and before the release of the Joolz Aer was my personal favourite travel stroller. However the city tour 2 is my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a mid-range travel stroller (because I understand not everyone is looking to spend $650+ on a stroller!)

Why Choose the Baby Jogger City Tour 2?

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact, easy to use, quick fold travel stroller that is also perfect for just throwing in the car for quick errands and zipping around the shops AND had a full recline for newborns or proper naps then the Baby Jogger city tour 2 is for you! It just ticks all the boxes and is available to purchase at any almost every baby store in Australia.

Things to consider

*The fold mechanism can be a little tricky to do with one hand for someone with limited strength or coordination in their fingers (for example if you’re looking at this for a grandparent to use). The simple solution to this – fold with two hands. Also I have made a very detailed video going step by step on how to fold and open if you are struggling.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Newborn Options (Sold Separately):

  • Newborn approved seat recline.
  • Carry Fold (remove to fold)
  • Car Capsule + Adapters (Baby Jogger city GO Capsule)

Redsbaby Skip – Fan Following

best travel stroller australia 2023 redsbaby skip

Redsbaby is a brand you won’t find in retailers, they are sold directly through Redsbaby themselves, which is an Australian-based company (still manufactured overseas like everyone else, but owned in Australia). And Redsbaby does seem to have a pretty solid fan base despite not appearing in regular retailers. Though you can go along to Redsbaby Demo Days in your state to have a play in person.

Why Choose a Redsbaby Skip?

The Redsbaby Skip is a bit like a more affordable Mountain Buggy Nano. In fact, if you look at the overall shape and design they do appear very similar and they have the same features. Also because Redsbaby sells directly to the consumer they can offer a bit better value for money compared to retailers.

Things to consider

Not being able to try before you buy is one thing, but also not having a local retailer to take your stroller to for assistance if something goes wrong would also be something I’d suggest taking into account.

Redsbaby Newborn Options:

  • Newborn approved seat recline.
  • Car Capsule + Adapters (Maxi Cosi)

Edwards & Co Otto – Great Value For Money

best travel stroller australia 2023 edwards & co otto

Edwards & Co Otto is another stroller that looks and feels quite a bit like a Mountain Buggy Nano, and they take it one step further by also being a New Zealand brand, just like Mountain Buggy.

Why Choose an Edwards & Co Otto?

The Edwards & Co Otto is a pretty sweet all-rounder and does offer great value for money. The recline is for newborns, one-handed fold, and the included carry bag can be towed with the rear wheels out for easy transport.

Things to consider

One small thing to know is you will need to take the rear wheels off the Edwards & Co if you are travelling, however for everyday use you would just leave them on when folding for the boot of your car.

Edwards & Co Otto Newborn Options:

  • Newborn approved seat recline.

Easywalker Miley² Stroller – Best on a budget

best travel stroller australia 2023 easywalker miley2

The EasyWalker Miley² is an update on the previous model – not a huge overall, but some sensible little refinements including the taller, more upright seat, little bit lighter weight, better basket access and leatherette covers on the bumper bar. 

Why Choose an EasyWalker Miley²?

If you’re not really planning to use your travel stroller for much more than travelling, the EasyWalker²  Miley will do the job. It does have a newborn recline and it is quite compact and lightweight. It will also help offset your carbon footprint from travelling as the fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Things to consider

It’s not strictly carry-on luggage size, so it would be wise to check with your airline before travelling. However you should be able to get the EasyWalker Miley²  to the gate, you just may not be able to get it on board with you (which personally I think is fine, you’re not using the stroller on the plane anyway)

EasyWalker Miley² Newborn Options:

  • Seat only – no capsule or cot options. 

Karion Travel Stroller – Ultra Compact & Australian Owned

best travel stroller australia 2023 karion kids travel stroller karion stroller

Karion is a new Australian brand based out of Geelong Victoria, and I have to start with saying I love puns and dad jokes so they had my attention straight away (Karion = Carry-on) I also love supporting Australian based businesses. 

Why the Karion travel stroller

Firstly – the ultra-compact fold. The sides of the Karion Travel stroller fold inward making it EXTREMELY compact. Despite the size it does have the full recline which does set it apart from other ultra compact strollers. As well as the adjustable calf support. Also I cannot get over how much I love the included carry bag – it comes with a padded backpack style bag – the Karion carry bag doubles as a handy bag to take along on day trips while travelling.

Things to consider

With strollers there are always compromises – the lighter and more compact a stroller is the less features it will have and the less “solid” it’ll feel when pushing. So the hood is mostly there for decoration and the recline is operated with zips. However, I think they’ve done well choosing a quality seat fabric that will have added weight. Because you can always add on a universal sun cover for extra protection. 

Karion Travel Stroller Newborn Options:

  • 6months+ only. No capsule or cot option. 

Haven’t found what you’re looking for in the best travel strollers Australia 2023? Check out all our pram and stroller reviews.

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