Australia Top Baby Names 2023

Australia Top Baby Names 2023

There are no big surprises in Australia’s top baby names 2023. In fact both the top 10 boys names 2023 and the top 10 girls names 2023 were the same as the most popular baby names for 2022 – aside from some just a bit of a rearranging of position on the list. 

With the exception of Luca replacing Lucas in the top 10 boys names in 2023.

Oliver has held the most popular boys’ name in Australia every year since 2013. 

Charlotte is back in the top spot having been the most popular girls name in Australia every year since 2015 – with the exception of last year where the name briefly dropped to number 2. 

In the top 5 boy names Oliver, Noah, Leo, William and Henry the only change is William and Henry changing position and Leo swapped positions with Jack jumping from number 6 to number 3.

The top 5 girls names Charlotte, Amelia, Isla, Olivia and Mia similarly to the boys names – just a bit of jostling for position, and Mia bumping Ava down to number 6. 

Trends for Baby Names 2023

Old Fashioned Names

Influenced by a fascination with royal families as well as TV shows like Bridgeton, Queen Charlotte and The Crown the trend towards old fashion and regal sounding names is staying strong in 2023.


Botanical/Nature Inspired Names

Willow, Lily/Lilly, Ivy, Hazel, Violet, Daisy, Poppy, Olive, Delilah, Rose, Rosie and Jasmine (Honorary mentions to Ruby, Sienna, Scarlett)

While the boys’ names didn’t follow this trend, you could say Oliver and River fit the theme.

Ending in vowel sounds

75 out of the top 100 baby girl names in 2023 ended in either “ah” “ee” or “oh” sounds. Of these

The boys including the names ending in “er” pronounced “ah” with an Australian accent (Oliver, Alexander, Spencer) and “eye” sounds (Levi, Kai) only half the boy names ended in a vowel sound. 

In fact the seemed to be more of a theme when it comes to the ending sound of names than the first letter of popular names.

Girl Name ending sound trends

Ending in “ee-ya”Ending in “La”
Olivia Isla
Mia Ella 
Georgia Mila 
Aaliyah Lola 
Emilia Stella 

Boy Name ending sound trends

Ending in “er”*Ending with “ən” 
Alexander Harrison 
Hunter Mason
Xavier Jackson
Cooper Ashton 
Archer Ryan
Jasper Logan 
Asher Jordan 
River Sebastian 
Carter Ethan 
Parker Lachlan 
Spencer Roman 
Fletcher Benjamin 

*(pronounced “ah”) 

Name Length

While the girls’ names trend towards longer names with three syllable girl names including

Matilda, Sienna, Savannah, Sophia, Aurora, Eleanor, Mackenzie, Aaliyah) and even the short girl are two syllables (for example Ava, Mia, Ivy, Eva, Zoe) 

With several four syllable girl names including Amelia, Olivia, Isabella, Penelope.

While the only single syllable girl names on the list were Grace, Maeve, Olive, Quinn and Rose. 

The boys names included several short and sweet single syllable names (Jack, James, Max, George, Kai, Finn, Beau, Flynn, Charles, Jude)

Although some three syllable boy names did make the list (William, Theodore, Elijah, Alexander, Harrison, Benjamin, Muhammad, Zachary and Sebastian*. As well as Leonardo and with four syllables.)

Top Baby Names Australia and New Zealand 2013 – 2023

Australia’s Top 200 Baby Names 2023

RankNameChange from the previous yearBoys Named in 2023RankNameChange from previous yearGirls Named in 2023
1Oliver022761Charlotte↑ 11394
2Noah018962Amelia↑ 21374
3Leo↑ 315063Isla↓ 21355
4William↑ 113684Olivia↓ 11271
5Henry↓ 113605Mia↑ 11178
6Jack↓ 313236Ava↓ 11097
7Theodore↑ 113137Matilda↑ 21054
8Hudson↑ 412318Ella↑ 21030
9Charlie↓ 212309Grace↓ 21002
10Luca↑ 5113110Willow↓ 2993
11Thomas↓ 1112311Lily↑ 2969
12Archie↑ 1104312Harper↓ 1891
13Levi↑ 1102413Ivy↑ 1882
14Lucas↓ 5100914Hazel↑ 10835
15Elijah↓ 497515Isabella0830
16James090216Chloe↓ 4789
17Liam↑ 181917Ruby↑ 4789
18Harry↑ 479818Sienna↑ 585
19Alexander079119Evelyn↑ 3761
20Max↑ 177320Sophie↓ 3758
21Harrison↓ 177021Zoe↓ 3757
22Oscar↓ 576322Mila↓ 3745
23Harvey↑ 376323Evie↓ 7724
24Arlo675724Sophia↓ 4722
25George↑ 275425Aria↑ 1641
26Hugo↑ 572226Violet↑ 2637
27Hunter↑ 271627Daisy↑ 7632
28Kai↑ 1270528Ellie↑ 7602
29Xavier↑ 469829Audrey↓ 2602
30Arthur↑ 668530Lucy↓ 5599
31Mason↓ 768131Luna↑ 6591
32Sebastian↑ 367432Scarlett↓ 2581
33Cooper↓ 165833Florence080
34Archer↓ 665834Georgia↓ 2568
35Isaac↓ 165835Layla↓ 6566
36Ethan↓ 1364836Aurora↑ 9549
37Lachlan↓ 1263637Elsie↑ 7540
38Finn↓ 161138Zara↑ 5537
39Benjamin060339Billie↑ 8534
40Theo↑3355440Poppy↓ 2523
41Sonny↑ 552741Emily↓ 5518
42Patrick051242Sofia↓ 3517
43Samuel↓ 550543Penelope↑ 7513
44Riley↑ 450344Freya↑ 9502
45Austin↑ 1050045Eleanor↑ 4490
46Lincoln↓ 548946Frankie↓ 15482
47Beau048147Remi↑ 13479
48Jordan↑ 546748Maeve↑ 22466
49Jasper046149Maya↓ 1466
50Jacob↓ 745850Millie↓ 11465
51Louis↓ 645551Ayla↓ 9464
52Jackson↑ 742752Isabelle↓ 12463
53Edward↑ 142353Alice↓ 7456
54Angus↑ 441254Sadie↑ 2454
55Ryan↓ 440755Abigail↓ 3444
56Logan↑ 040656Hannah↓ 15441
57Ezra↑ 740657Mackenzie↓ 6434
58Luka↑ 939958Bonnie↑ 1423
59Muhammad↑ 938259Emilia↓ 5399
60Flynn↓ 338260Emma↓ 5398
61Asher↑ 438261Eloise↑ 2393
62Leon↑ 2238262Lola↑ 4384
63Joseph↓ 238063Olive↑ 1376
64River↓ 437264Harriet↓ 2376
65Carter↓ 1536865Stella↓ 7373
66Billy↑ 836266Eva↓ 9360
67Felix↑ 935867Summer0351
68Eli↓ 1635468Addison↑ 1341
69Hamish↑ 1734869Savannah↓ 1310
70Ari↓ 133370Delilah↑ 1306
71Daniel↓ 932771Imogen↑ 4295
72Joshua↓ 2831772Pippa↑ 2287
73Remy↑ 4731473Piper↓ 8285
74Charles↑ 131374Quinn↓ 1280
75Darcy↑ 1530375Eden↑ 2274
76Parker↑ 629976Bella↑ 3274
77Gabriel↑ 228977Harlow↑ 8271
78Bodhi↓ 826178Charlie↑ 2264
79Michael↓ 726079Elizabeth↓ 3258
80Jayden↓ 925880Rose↑ 1251
81Adam024781Rosie↑ 18249
82Spencer↓ 1923882Adeline↑ 1246
83Roman↑ 2723583Phoebe↓ 11238
84Leonardo↑ 923384Hallie↓ 2227
85Zachary↑ 322985Jasmine↓ 7212
86Ashton↑ 822786Eliana↑ 19209
87Alfie↑ 2422287Nora↑ 9203
88Fletcher↓ 121088Aaliyah↓ 1196
89Reuben↑ 4820789Peyton↑ 9194
90Aiden↓ 1320490Elena↓ 1183
91Jude↓ 619991Thea↑ 24181
92Ali019892Heidi↑ 5177
93Connor↑ 519793Ariana↓ 9173
94Lennox↑ 119294Margot↑ 31160
95Vincent↑ 518495Maggie↓ 1156
96Koa↑ 518396Claire↓ 8142
97Louie↑ 2617297Maisie↑ 5138
98Elias↑ 117098Lara↓ 3132
99Tommy↑ 2815799Gracie↑ 7132
100Jaxon↓ 34156100Lilly↑ 1128


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